American Dog Club
542 Smith Haven Mall
Lake Grove, New York 11755
Suffolk County
New York State Pet Dealer Number: 906
Name of video file: American Dog
Date of CAPS investigation:  1/27/18
Animals Observed: approximately 50-75 puppies

Transcript from investigation: 

Investigators 1 & 2 are approached by store employee, Kenny.

[Confirm time codes with Aaron; about 10:45 in]

Employee:  Need help?  Are you okay?

Investigator 1:  Yeah, I’m just looking at your different breeds here.

Employee:  If you need help, just ask.

Investigator 1:  I will.  Thank you so much.  I’m surprised by how many husky dogs –

Employee:  We sell a lot of huskies.

Investigator 1:  Yeah.  

Investigator 2: [to investigator 1]  See anything you like?

Investigator 1:  Um, I’m kind of curious about the papillon over there.

Employee:  The papillon is the butterfly dog.

Investigator 1:  Yeah.  I love the ears.  [to investigator 2] And then there’s a golden retriever I would love –

Investigator 2:  So we’re looking for a puppy for our 13 year old son and we’re also getting information for our nanny.  

Employee:  Are you interested in a large breed or a small breed?

Investigator 2:  Uh, small most likely.

Employee:  Small. Shih tzus are good.  The papillon’s a great dog.  Um, they don’t shed.  The papillon sheds a little bit.  The shih tzu doesn’t shed at all.  The Maltese don’t shed.  A lot of dogs don’t shed.  I’ll show you what I have.  Actually, I lost two of them this year.  I’m retired.  My wife says ‘you can’t stay home and watch Jerry Springer’ so I come here twenty hours a week. 

Investigator 2:  It’s really important for our son who’s like really into animal rights and stuff that uh the breeder only has a few dogs.  

Employee:  Oh yeah.  These are, these are these are good quality dogs.  Not because I work here.  I don’t work on commission.  You know the wee wee pads dogs make on, you ever hear of the wee wee pads dogs make on?  I invented them twenty years ago with my brother and I was able to retire when we sold the company.  So I just come here.  They [indicating other employees] work on commission; I don’t.  So I would never say –  

Investigator 1:  That’s so cool.

Employee:  Yeah, I retired after I sold the company.  These are the two I lost that died [showing photo on cell phone] 

Investigator 2:  That’s a papillon?

Employee:  Maltese and a shih tzu.  They’re good dogs.  And this is what I have left.  My grand kids [indecipherable]

Investigator 2:  So the breeders have like two dogs that like, they’re not like a –

Employee:  Yeah.  No puppy mills.  

Investigator 2:  And do they live ins – do they keep them outside or inside in their homes?

Employee:  Inside.  You can’t keep them outside.  

Investigator 1:  Well, you could put them in a kennel or something.

Employee:  Most of them are inside dogs.  

Investigator 2:  They are?  

Employee:  Yeah.  You can’t leave a small dog in a yard, you know what I’m trying to say?

Investigator 1:  Well also I think, I think, pet stores –

Investigator 2:  He just wants to make sure they’re not from like a –

Employee:  No, no.

Investigator 1:  No, I know, but I told him they’re regulated.  You know, by uh –

Employee:  That’s a nice dog, too.  Shiba Inu.  It’s a Japanese dog.

Investigator 1:  Yeah, I don’t think he’d –

Customer: [approaches with question] How much is the schnauzer?  How much?

Employee: [to customer] About $1,800 roughly.  I gotta scan it.  

Customer:  Babies, both of them, boy and girl?

Employee:  Yes.  

Investigator 1:  I don’t know I’m thinking that I would like to see the papillon or the golden retriever I know I love.

Employee:  The golden retriever is a fantas- I have a mini goldendoodle too.  The golden retriever gets about 70, 80 pounds.  The mini gets about 35, 40 pounds. 

Investigator 1:  Yeah.

Employee:  And you know, a mini doesn’t shed.  That’s the difference.

Investigator 1:  I did not know that.  I thought I knew everything about dogs, I didn’t know that.

Employee:  I’m doing it 50 years, so I know a lot about dogs.

Investigator 1:  So –

Employee:  But if you want to see one, I can op – you don’t have to buy that.  I can take it out.

Investigator 1:  No, we’re just – honestly, we’re shopping.  We’re just looking today, for, because his birthday is in March, so we’re just looking at breeds.

Employee:  It’s all right.  We always have dogs.  We always have dogs.  Always.

Investigator 1:  Yeah.  And for the housekeeper…financing.  What’s your situation with that?

Employee:  Financing?

Investigator 2:  Do you guys do financing?

Investigator 1:  She asked –

Employee:  We can finance.

Investigator 1:  She knew we were coming here today, so she wanted us to ask if she –

Employee:  You could finance.  If you pay it off in six months, there’s no interest.  If you finance, there’s no interest.  Where do you live, out here?  

Investigator 1:  Sagaponack.

Investigator 2:  Out east.

Employee:  We could finance it.

Investigator 2:  And um, so you have to pay it off within six months…there’s no other option? 

Employee:  Yes.  If you pay it off within six months, there’s no interest I believe.  I’d have to check.

Investigator 2:  Do you have an application we can take back?

Employee:  Only if you’re buying the dog.  When you’re ready to buy it, I’ll give you an application.  Because she would have to be here and fill it out, you know what I mean?

Investigator 2:  Okay.

Investigator 1:  Yeah.  And what company do you go through for something like that?

Employee:  I have to check it.  There’s always a company.  I think I once waited on you once.

Investigator 1:  You have, about a year ago –

Employee:  Yeah.  A bulldog you were looking at.  You came with your son.  Your son –

Investigator 1:  Yeah.  And then I came back and you were gone.

Employee:  Yeah, well, I’m always vacationing.  Your son had – 

Investigator 2:  We did get a bulldog, by the way.

Investigator 1:  Yeah.

Employee:  You did.  Good for you.  Where’d you get the bulldog?

Investigator 1:  I got it from um, a friend who had had it with her two babies, and it was too much to handle.  So we didn’t get it as a puppy, but it was potty [sic] trained when we got it. 

Employee:  As long as you’re happy, that’s the most important thing.  

Investigator 1:  And we also, since I was last here, got another dog which came to us from a rescue that got it in Puerto Rico.  And it’s just a pit bull –

Employee:  Good dog?

Investigator 1:  Great dog.

Employee:  You’re lucky.  You’re lucky.  

Investigator 2:  All the rescues are –

Employee:  You’re lucky with the rescues, because some of them are bad.  You’re lucky.  It’s like rolling dice.  

Investigator 1:  Well this one, you know, he came a real puppy puppy.  So, I mean, when you’re buying from a place like this, my assumption is you’re not rolling the dice quite as much as you are –

Employee:  We don’t buy from puppy mills.  We’re regulated.  I think I once told you that.  Could a dog get sick?  Yeah.  If I told you a dog never got sick, I’d be blowing [indecipherable].  

Investigator 1:  You’re what?

Employee:  I’m lying to you if I told you a dog never got sick.  

Investigator 1:  Oh, never heard that one before.

Employee:  But stop in in March and there’s always new dogs here.  That’s all.  

Investigator 1:  His birthday is the 15th, so.  

Employee:  Your son I think had blond hair if I remember right?

Investigator 1:  Yeah.  Did I bring one or both boys in?  Probably my older one.

Employee:  Yeah.  I have a good memory.

Investigator 1:  Yeah, I guess so!  I wish I had a memory like that!

Investigator 2: [pointing to puppies in cage]  Which ones are these?  God those guys are cute.

Employee:  I gotta scan them.  

Investigator 1:  I actually love those ones.

Investigator 2:  But what breed is this, do you know?

Employee:  Looks like a Chihuahua.  I have to scan it though.

Investigator 2:  Oh, it does.  Yeah, it’s got the Chihuahua ears.

Investigator 1:  [to investigator 2]  Can I, um, would you mind if we look at the papillon real quick?  Or the golden retriever?  

[irrelevant conversation between investigators while employee is scanning puppy and investigator 1 is walking around the store]


Investigator 1:  Can we see um the golden mini golden doodle that doesn’t shed?

Employee:  Absolutely.  Absolutely.

Investigator 1:  Again, we’re not buying today.  Just so you, I just want to see the temperament and everything.  And where it’s from.  [looking at cage card] Salem, Indiana.  I’m surprised you don’t have any bulldogs today.

Employee:  I had two of them yesterday.  They’re gone.  Or the other day.  Okay, grab this with two hands.  [handing puppy to investigator 1] You got it?

Investigator 1:  Yeah.  Oh, God!  [to puppy] Hi.  Hi.  Hi.  Hi, oh my God, a mini golden doodle.  Hi sweetie!  Hi.  You a good boy?  Good boy.  Hi.  Oh my God.  [name of investigator omitted]

Employee:  Nice dog, right?

Investigator 1:  Yeah, it’s adorable.  How big did you say it gets?

Employee:  35, about 35, 38 pounds full grown.

Investigator 1:  Wow, that’s smaller than our bulldog.

Employee:  You know a bulldog’s [idecipherable].

Investigator 1:  Yeah.  [to puppy] Hi sweetie, hi you happy dog.  [to investigator 2] [name omitted] you want to see this one before we go?  It’s cute.  

[irrelevant conversation between investigators]


Investigator 1:  Can I ask you, sorry – what’s your name?

Employee:  Kenny.

Investigator 1:  Kenny.  I’m [name of investigator omitted].  You’ve always been so good with us.  What other colors does this breed come in?

Employee:  That’s it.  It’s either a lighter gold or a darker gold.  That’s the apricot; it’s the dark one.  

Investigator 1:  Okay.

Employee:  That’s it.

Investigator 1:  And um –

Investigator 2:  Do they bark a lot?

Employee:  No.  

Investigator 2:  He seems really quiet.

Employee:  They’re mellow dogs.  Just hold it tight; it’ll jump out of your hands.

Investigator 2:  Yeah, yeah, I won’t.

Employee:  They’re very mellow.  They’re not barky dogs.  It’s like a bulldog don’t bark; it’s the same with this.  It’s going to bark more than a bulldog.

Investigator 1:  But similar in temperament to a regular sized golden retriever?

Employee:  Yes.  Absolutely.

Investigator 1:  So that’s like the best of both worlds.  You have the personality –

Employee:  That’s why they’re so popular.  That’s why they’re so popular.

Investigator 1:  Yeah.  Oh I’ve never heard of it before.

Employee:  Really?

Investigator 1:  Does this um breeder do just these?  Is this like a new breed that I’ve –

Employee:  No, it’s not a new breed.  It’s been around about five years.

Investigator 1:  I’ve never seen one.

Investigator 2:  It’s really cute.

Employee:  I’m surprised because in the Hamptons, when I go there, I go there in the summer, I see them all over the place in the Hamptons.

Investigator 1:  Maybe I think they’re cockapoos.  

Investigator 2:  Maybe you think they’re just puppies!

Investigator 1:  Yeah.  True.  Um so do you, does this guy like specialize in these?

Employee:  Just this particular breed, right.  

Investigator 1:  Okay, and I know all your breeders are U – you explained to me, USDA.

Employee:  All USDA.  All of them.

Investigator 1:  So does this guy, is he a good USDA breeder?  Does he have any violations – 

Employee:  No.

Investigator 1:  – that you know of?

Employee:  No.  Not that I know of.  Zero violations.  

Investigator 1:  And what’s the price on a mini goldendoodle?

Employee:  27, 2800 roughly.  I gotta scan it to find out the exact price.  

Investigator 1:  More or less for a male or female?

Employee:  Same price.  Same price.

Investigator 1:  Under 3,000.

Employee:  Yes.

Investigator 1:  [to other investigator] Well, I do think [name omitted] would love that.  I personally wouldn’t mind seeing the papillon.  

Investigator 2:  Well I know which one [name of housekeeper omitted] likes.  

Investigator 1:  What?

Employee:  Papillon is more hyper.  It’s different dog.

Investigator 1:  But they’re a lot smaller.

Employee:  Oh yeah, they’re a quarter the size.

Investigator 1:  Yeah, so –

Investigator 2:  Take a photo of this guy for [name of housekeeper omitted].

[irrelevant conversation]

[employee puts puppy back in cage]

Investigator 1: [to investigator 2] Let’s get the papillon, babe.

Employee:  Want to see the papillon?

Investigator 1:  Yeah.  

[irrelevant conversation amongst investigators]

[employee leaves to get papillon puppy]

[employee returns with papillon puppy]

Investigator 2:  That dog’s hysterical.

Investigator 1:  Oh my God.  It’s like a mini Sam!

Investigator 2:  Love the ears.

Investigator 1:  Love, love, love the coloring.  Um, the other golden in there, is that a regular sized golden?

Employee:  Yes.  Probably about 70 pounds, 75 pounds.  

Investigator 1:  Okay.  

Investigator 2:  Look at his teeny head.  I like this one.

Investigator 1:  You, it does not look good on you, I have to say!

Investigator 2:  No.

Investigator 1:  But it is really cute!  Hi sweetie!

[irrelevant conversation about whether, employee chats with other customer]


Investigator 1:  [goes to papillon’s cage and verbally identifies the name of papillon’s breeders as Kevin and Linda Wagler, Montgomery, Indiana]

Investigator 1:  Um, cute [taking photo of puppy].  Um, tell me…question for you:  how many times do the mom dogs get bred?  Like is this mom dog bred every cycle?

Employee: [shaking head no]  No, I don’t know, but it’s not inbred.

Investigator 1:  It’s not what?

Employee:  It’s not inbred.  It’s not a puppy mill where they keep breeding over and over.  

Investigator 1:  And this breeder breeds just these papillons?

Employee:  Just papillons, yes.

Investigator 1:  And do you think they’re, they live in the house with the breeder?

Employee:  I would say so.  I can’t guarantee it, but most family pets live in a house.  They’re not going to live in a yard.  Cold weather in the winter, they’re not going to put them in the yard.  That’s horrible.  You know what I mean?

Investigator 2:  Yeah.

Investigator 1:  And how many dogs do you think this breeder has?

Employee:  I don’t know.  [indecipherable]

Investigator 1:  Do you have any pictures of the parents?

Employee:  No, I don’t have anything.  I have the sire, the dam, but I don’t know, you know, where she lives.  I know where she lives –

Investigator 1:  Who? Where?  Like what –

Employee:  Probably Missouri.  

Investigator 2:  You like this one?  

Investigator 1:  Yeah, we can’t tell [name of son omitted] it’s from Missouri.  He would flip out.

[end of relevant conversation]

[investigators leave store]

[end of investigation]

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