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Date and time of CAPS investigation: 11/21/2018 105PM

Approximate number of dogs observed at time of investigation: 15 puppies

Puppies were kept in two open top wire encsloures, one inside the store and one just outside the entrance. Food and water were not available to the puppies in the enclosure outside the entrance. A Disclosure notice was seen. This store also sells hamsters, gerbils, parakeets and rabbits.

(Violation of Article 26-A of the Agriculture and Markets Law, § 401. Minimum standards of animal care, 3. Feeding and watering. (c) Food receptacles shall be provided in sufficient number, of adequate size, and so located as to enable each animal in the primary enclosure or cage to be supplied with an adequate amount of food, (d) Animals shall be provided with regular access to clean, fresh water, supplied in a sanitary manner sufficient for its needs, except when there are instructions from a duly licensed veterinarian to withhold water for medical reasons).

A male employee identified himself as Jhade and said he was the manager. I asked if these puppies came from backyard breeders or puppy mills and he said they came from New York State licensed breeders. All puppies came from in-State, not from out-of-State. He said all their breeders were in Dundee, Lyons and Penn Yan (all NY towns), and the Finger Lakes region of NY. He said the store went and picked up puppies every week, and that the owner inspected the breeders. He said that New York State regulates the breeders and where the store gets the puppies from. He said the store had been in business for 11-12 years and had never had trouble with sick dogs.  He told me that each puppy came with a six month congenital defect guarantee. He said the store had received 11 puppies that week and the owner had been to all these breeders houses.

Jhade told me that their breeders did this for a living and that they did not overbreed the dogs. They keep mothers at a limit because they don’t want to sell a bad dog. Jhade thought that the parents are sold by the breeders when they have finished breeding. He said that the store has received older dogs from the breeders before. 

Jhade showed me breeder information for a specific puppy. The breeder name was Kenneth Zimmerman of Dundee NY, USDA license 21-A-0171. Vet records were from East Ridge Animal Hospital, Rochester NY. Jhade said the puppy had a small hernia and that was a common thing in puppies.

Breeder information: Kenneth Zimmerman, Dundee NY. USDA license number 21-A-0171. This does not correspond with any name on the A Certificate Holders List. There are six breeders with the name Zimmerman in Dundee but none of them are “Kenneth”, nor is the USDA license number associated with any Zimmerman. Further research shows that the name Kenneth Zimmerman and the license number is associated with Rocky Ridge Kennels, Dundee NY. This facility cannot be found on the USDA A Certificate Holders list.

Vet information:
East Ridge Animal Hospital, 60 Dubelbeiss lane, Rochester NY 14622

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