All Pets Club
479 E Main St
Branford, CT 06405

Date and time of CAPS investigation: 03/12/2019 1:41PM

Approximate number of dogs observed at time of investigation: 20 puppies

Puppies were in large closed-topped glass-fronted enclosures in groups of approximately ten.  Cage cards gave breeder names.  A Consumer Rights notice was visible, but I did not see a Disclosure notice.

An unidentified female employee told me, “I’ve got three dogs from here,” when I asked if the store was happy with their breeders.  She said the puppies are all the best temperament and with the best health.  When asked if she had visited the breeders, she says not herself but the owners of the store have.  She said “no” when asked if they come from a puppy mill.  She explained the store gets the puppies from commercial breeders, and handed me a piece of paper that read, “Commercial Breeders Vs Puppy Mills.”  She said they are licensed, inspected, have paperwork, routine vet care, exercise plans, retirement plans, anything you could think needed to be installed into a kennel.  She said the dogs are taken care of and there’s a difference between their breeders and puppy mills, “where they are dirty, they don’t have paperwork and they are in those little cages outside unhappy.”  She said “yes” when asked if the puppies are socialized before they come, and says they are socialized at the store.  She said one of the breeders had sent pictures and “it’s just beautiful,” and that “the breeders are very reputable people.”

Breeders identified:

J and B Premier Puppies, John Blaes, 522 North Maple, Cherryvale KS 67335 48-A-2142JC Ranches, Jeanna and William Johnston, 37149 County Road 1790, Coalgate OK 74538 73-A-2788 Double D Kennels, Derek Doughtery, 1668 E900 Rd, Agra KS 67621 48-A-2201 Twins Country Pets, Pam and Nick Reynolds, 706 Linden Street, Cuba KS 66940 18-B-0270 Sugarfork Kennels LLC, Abby Anderson, Route B Box 2941, Goodman MO 64843, 43-A-6038 Boggs Creek Kennel, Jason and Jean Wagler, 4525 N 1050 E, Loogootee IN, 32-A-0245Lindley Creek, Lacey Kauffman, 20092 300th Road, Portia KS 67474, 48-A-2189 Vickie Duryea, 183 T Road, Goff KS 66428, 48-A-2118 Everything Pets LLC, Dawn Bryant, 1303 195th Street, Fort Scott KS 66701, 48-B-0333 Ronnie and Lovina Graber, 6623 N 1025 E, Montgomery IN 47558, 32-A-0564 Quality Paws, Ruthie and Virgil Snodgrass, 1248 SW 100th Road, Asbury MO 64832, 43-A-0799Monark Puppies, Judy Miller, 14501 Depot Drive, Neosho MO 64850, 43-A-5175 Becky and David Flanders, PO Box 363, 705 Park Street, South Coffeyville OK 74072, 73-A-2556 Rocky Ridge Kennel, James and Kassie Stewart, 11632 N E Center Star Road, Pittsburg KS, 48-A-2109 Gayle Baker, 2593 Rifle Road, Minneapolis KS 67467, 48-A-1989 Puppies Extraordinaire, Lorilee Thomas, 28859 W Road, Whiting KS 66552, 48-B-0329 Bloom Kennel, Lewis Bloom, 1901 Frontier Road, Clay Center KS 67432, 48-A-1316 Caltams Puppy Love, Tammy Cantrell, 2756 Canning Factory Road, Anderson MO 64831, 43-A-6352 Family Lane Pets, Anhela L Smith, 7 Family Lane, Elkland MO 65644, 43-A-6114 Forever Friends, Alice Shaffer, 2398 25000 Road, KS 66753, 48-A-2177 Loe Kennels, Kathy Loe, 3812 N Road, Beloit KS 67420, 48-B-0246Lynn Davis, 1352 County Road 2243, Huntsville MO

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