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Date and time of CAPS investigation: 4/23/19; 15:01

Approximate number of puppies observed at time of investigation: 10

Puppies were kept in two rooms with solid clear walls on one side for customers to see them. Solid floorings were partially covered in shredded paper. Each puppy had a card on their enclosure with information about the puppy, as well as their breeder’s name, street address, city and state. However, no USDA license number was noted for the puppies’ breeders on the cards. A list of breeders was posted near the puppy enclosures, being identical to the list at all other All Pets Club stores. I spoke to two employees (Caucasian male, about 26 years old, 5’9″, 165 lbs., with short dark hair, and Caucasian male, about 25 years old, 5’4″, 130 lbs., with long brown hair) about breeders the store buys puppies from. 

The male employee told me the owner has visited the store’s breeders, and that several years ago the breeders were flown out to the store. The female employee said the breeding dogs are rehomed or kept by breeders but gave no specifics about how that is done. The employees said they know other specifics about the conditions at breeders’ kennels. However, when I asked about USDA violations, the female employee told me, “Things they can get written up for, say department of ag just pops up, because they can pop up and say ‘we’re gonna’ do an inspection now.’ If they have one dog that’s unaccounted for, that’s a major strike. That’s a violation. They have to get shut down. They can get a strike, kinda’ like three strikes you’re out, for things such as open bags of dog food.”

Evidence of false statements and misrepresentations of breeders by store:

The female employee’s claim that USDA-licensed breeders can be shut down for having an open bag of dog food is false. For a USDA-licensed facility of any kind to have a license terminated is extremely rare. For example, the USDA terminated a total of only nine licensees in 2016. 

The female employee’s claim that three “strikes” means a facility is “out” is false, as it insinuates a facility is shut down after having three violations. The USDA has no such policy for their licensees. 

The store’s website’s claim that “All Pets Club collaborates with a select handful of breeders, and we’ve worked with these same breeders for over 10 years” is false. The store’s 24 known breeders, one of whom (John Blaes, 48-A-2142) is verified by their own records as having a USDA license for less than eight years, does not match their claim. 

Breeder info:

The following were obtained from USDA inspection reports in the store (not all inspection reports were documented):

  1. Randy Stewart, 6137 State Highway CC, Cassville, MO 65625, 43-A-5815
  2. Randy Stewart, 6132 State Highway CC, Cassville, MO 65625, no USDA # listed (note different street address)
  3. John Blaes, 522 N Maple St, Cherryvale, KS, 67335, 48-A-2142

The following were obtained from breeder information sheets placed in front of inspection reports in the USDA inspection report folder:

  1. Teresa Berthelson, Homestead Kennel, 1890 E Navajo Dr, Lincoln, KS 67455, 48-A-2160, (785) 524-3419
  2. Dawn Bryant, Everything Pets LLC, 1303 195th St, First Scott, KS 66701, 48-B-0333, (620) 224-0599
  3. Judy Speak Miller, 14501 Depot Dr, Neosho, MO 64850, 43-A-5175, (417) 317-0849
  4. Pam Reynolds, PO Box 147, Cuba, KS 66940, 18-B-0270, (785) 527-0631
  5. Sally Sushnick, 416 N Hwy 43, Liberal, MO 64762, 43-A-5987

The following were obtained from cards on the puppies’ enclsoures:

1.Lorilee Thomas, 28859 W Rd, Whiting, KS
Thomas’ 2015 USDA violations included the following: broken floor supports; gap between wall and floor; worn plastic coating on cage wires revealing rusted metal; deteriorated and rough surfaces from rust; broken or corroded wires in enclosures; sharp, bent metal protruding into enclosures; sharp point, due to chewing, near food trough; grease or mineral build-up on enclosures; food receptacles with rough, dirty surfaces.

  1. Vickie Duryea, 183 T Rd, Goff, KS
  2. John Blaes, 522 North Maple, Cherryvale, KS
  3. Abigail Anderson, Rt. B Box 2941, Goodman, MO
  4. James Stewart (indiscernible street address in photo), Pittsburg, KS
  5. Randy & Sara Stewart, 6137 Hwy CC, Cassville, OK (note the incorrect state on this address)


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