Breeder: Larry Albrecht
Business name: Coldwater Kennel
Address: 12059 Camp Comfort Rd.
City, State Zip: Greene, IA 50636
Year: 2015
USDA License: 42-A-1212
Date of CAPS Investigation: 04/16/15
Prior CAPS Investivations: 07/09/14

The kennel consisted of indoor elevated cages and outdoor runs, though the outdoor runs were empty. Larry said dogs were moved outside in warmer times of the year. I was allowed access to a room containing about half a dozen elevated wire cages that housed litters of puppies, and about a dozen cages with metal sheets covering them. The cages covered in sheets were about 2.5 feet tall, long, and wide. I could only see dogs through slits in the sheets to see that there were wire cages inside that held grown dogs. I saw Mrs. Albrecht close a door to one of the empty cages, and saw movement inside several others. The dogs had no way to view their surroundings in the cages, other than to see below and above themselves.

There was also a raised plastic box filled with saw dust and dog toys in which the Albrechts brought out puppies for me to look at. The puppies came from another room, in which I could see several elevated wire cages containing Yorkshire Terriers; however, I could not see all of the enclosures in the area.

Statements contradicting pet store claims
I asked Larry Albrecht (Caucasian male, about 50 years old, 5’7”, 185 lbs, with short brown and grey hair, and short brown and grey moustache and beard, and glasses) if he skips his dogs’ breeding cycles, and he said “they skip themselves.” He said that his “tiny ones” may breed every two years, and I asked, “And you just breed them and let them go how they’re gonna?” Larry nodded. This contradicts Shake-A-Paw’s (Hicksville, NY) claim that their breeders breed their dogs every three cycles.

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