April 30 is the Day Dedicated to Adopting Shelter Dogs

April 30 is Adopt a Shelter Dog Day. But CAPS works every day of the year to save the lives of at-risk dogs from Kern County Animal Services in Bakersfield, CA. Our efforts have saved the lives of 230 dogs in 26 months!

If you live in California, Oregon, Washington or British Columbia, please save a life by adopting  a Kern County shelter dog. CAPS can arrange transport to these states and province and may also be able to find transport to other Western states.

You can see Kern County shelter at-risk dogs on our social media and find more dogs from this shelter on the CAPS Petfinder page

If you can’t adopt, then foster a shelter dog or volunteer at a local animal shelter. Ask CAPS how you can help save the lives of animals at Kern County Animal Services.

Adopt a Dog. Save a Life.

Stand With Us.

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