Oklahoma is the second highest puppy producing state in the US, following only Missouri.

Additionally, while USDA regulates breeders that sell wholesale, we are the only high volume breeder state to have no state regulations to cover those who are not required to be licensed by USDA. The AKC and others want to keep it that way, but it is not for the benefit of the animals.

A deliberate misinformation campaign is being waged against current legislation aimed at regulating high volume breeding facilities in Oklahoma.  Low end breeders, fraudulent rescue organizations and even AKC have teamed up to frighten high quality breeders, rescues and others about the bill, which would simply mandate USDA standards as a minimum level of care for facilities not currently regulated by USDA.

The AKC reaps massive rewards from the totally unrestricted puppy trade in Oklahoma, and have played on misinformation and distortions of the language including claiming that the bill prohibits transport to dog shows. IT DOES NOT and they know it.

Good people are falling for the lies; this campaign may indeed destroy the chances for the first ever legislation aimed at regulating the wildcat “puppy trade” in Oklahoma.

Due to the lack of regualtions, in Oklahoma, dogs may legally be kept in tiny cages (under USDA size), without light and venitilation, vaccination records are not required; puppies as young as four weeks are sold. Unless there is animal cruelty involving the withholding of food, water or emergency veterinary treatment to the point of mortal danger, it is not possible for an officer to intervene in a puppy mill operation in Oklahoma; dogs legally languish in filth in Oklahoma for their entire lives.

Those who oppose this bill benefit financially from the lack of regulations.

The proposed legislation, HB 1332, would simply mandate USDA standards as a minimum for all facilities selling, trading or adopting out over 25 dogs, cats, kittens or puppies in a year.  This means that if your dogs are housed in cages instead of in your home, the cages must be at least six inches longer than the dog and must have 6 inches of headroom.  Most people strive to do better than this, this law is designed only to eliminate the most substandard.

It is an outrage that any legitimate rescue organization would oppose standards to give dogs that are in the hands of bad people a few inches more, and yes-that is what this is over.

Those circulating the rumors have taken advantage of the fact that many people are not familiar with legislative language.  One anti-animal welfare website in Pennsylvania cut and pasted the bill to alter the language, inserted extra words and circulated that in order to get opposition.  One circulated the rumor that it would become illegal to keep dogs in the house.  Our legislators have been overwhelmed by opposition based on false information.

Please e-mail Dr Lee Denney and simply thank her for taking the courageous step of proposing the first ever legislation to stop the unregulated puppy trade in Oklahoma and please let our house leadership know that Oklahoma’s puppy trade is a disgrace.

Thank you to Lee Denney <” data-mce-href=”“>>,

Please communicate this simple message on the tragedy of the unregulated puppy trade to our house leadership:


The tragedies of the unregulated puppy trade in Oklahoma are well known across the nation.  The simple standards mandated under HB 1332 are upheld in all states that have high volume breeding facilities in large numbers and should be in place in Oklahoma.

A campaign of misinformation has been circulated by those with a financial stake in this issue, and they are doing so at the expense of Oklahoma’s image and taxpayers as this is an enormous, unregulated cash-only industry. No reputable breeder or rescue would have any reason to oppose this bill.

Please support common sense and vote for HB 1332.


OK Speaker of the House;” data-mce-href=”“>

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Please tell the AKC that you are disappointed that USDA standards are so problematic to them that they are using distortions to garner opposition to this bill.

Contact them at

AKC, 260 Madison Aveniue, 4th floor, New York, NY 10016 phone: (212) 696-8200


AKC, 8051 Arco Corporate Drive, Suite 100, Raleigh, NC 27617-3390

Telephone: 919.233.9767

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