Imagine a dog you love.

She’s in a crowded, filthy, wire-meshed cage.
With with no soft surfaces to rest on. No veterinary care. Nothing but misery, day after day.

She can’t talk.
She can’t complain.
She can’t stop the misery.

But you can.

Put an end to puppy mills. Once and for all.

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Every year

2 million animals are born in mills
1.5 million shelter animals are killed
Countless suffer due to pet shops

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CAPS 2022 Efforts and Accomplishments

As we all began emerging from the pandemic, 2022 presented many new challenges. Thankfully, with the generous support of our donors, CAPS was able to keep up the fight against pet shops and puppy mills, scoring major victories this year. Our undercover investigators went to 30 pet shops and 32 hard-to-infiltrate licensed and unlicensed puppy mills. We used our video evidence to advance legislation to ban…

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Featured Post

CAPS Saves At-Risk Shelter Dogs

National Nonprofit Develops Plan for Kern County Animal Services in Bakersfield, California Onyx, a sweet, 8-year-old black and white Pit Bull, could barely walk down the street. Beaten and starving, his face covered in dog bites, he had been adopted out for free by Kern County Animal Services in Bakersfield, California, to a man described by a long-time volunteer as a “shady character.” The man likely…

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