Imagine a dog you love.

She’s in a crowded, filthy, wire-meshed cage.
With with no soft surfaces to rest on. No veterinary care. Nothing but misery, day after day.

She can’t talk.
She can’t complain.
She can’t stop the misery.

But you can.

Put an end to puppy mills. Once and for all.

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Every year

2 million animals are born in mills
1.5 million shelter animals are killed
Countless suffer due to pet shops

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CAPS President Deborah Howard Appears Again on NPR’s Talking Animals

Host Duncan Strauss Interviewed Howard about CAPS’  Internet Puppy Sales, Shelter Reform and Spay/Neuter Outreach Campaigns On April 3, 2024, CAPS President Deborah Howard appeared on Talking Animals on NPR affiliate WMNF in Tampa, Florida. Host Duncan Strauss interviewed Ms. Howard as a follow up to a segment that aired at the end of January. This time, Ms. Howard discussed the CAPS investigation of internet puppy…

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Recursos para Esterilización y Castración y Vacunación – Spay and Neuter and Vaccination Resources

La Importancia de Esterilizar y Castrar a Su Mascota  Los perros y gatos son parte de nuestra familia, y queremos cuidar a nuestra familia. Los veterinarios nos dicen que esterilizar y castrar a nuestras mascotas son procedimientos saludables y sin riesgo que previenen ciertos tipos de cáncer y otros problemas de salud. Estos procedimientos ayudan con problemas de comportamiento, previenen la deambulación y el entrar en…

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For twenty years I’ve investigated pet shops  and puppy/kitten mills for CAPS because I know that my work will have a direct impact.


— Pete, Lead Investigator

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