Imagine a dog you love.

She’s in a crowded, filthy, wire-meshed cage.
With with no soft surfaces to rest on. No veterinary care. Nothing but misery, day after day.

She can’t talk.
She can’t complain.
She can’t stop the misery.

But you can.

Put an end to puppy mills. Once and for all.

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Every year

2 million animals are born in mills
1.5 million shelter animals are killed
Countless suffer due to pet shops

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The Crisis at California’s Municipal Shelters Documentary Begins Filming

CAPS Spends Long Day in Kern County to Shoot Interviews and Footage California’s municipal shelters are in crisis. Many of the animals live in overcrowded, inhumane conditions, without sufficient exercise or veterinary care. Euthanasia rates are shockingly high. In some parts of the state, backyard breeding is rampant, and spay/neuter services are woefully insufficient. The Central Valley overflows with abandoned dogs, living in fields and dying…

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For twenty years I’ve investigated pet shops  and puppy/kitten mills for CAPS because I know that my work will have a direct impact.


— Pete, Lead Investigator

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