100 Animal Lovers Needed at LAAS Commission Meeting

100 Animal Lovers Needed at LAAS Commission Meeting

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Tired of going broke rescuing the endless number of red-listed animals? Are you sick of the breeders? Do you cry for dead animals you could not save? Animals who were ADOPTABLE? Join us! Fact: Until we are civically engaged in our own shelter management, we are doing the equivalent of going to the beach with a TEA SPOON to try to empty the ocean. 

We, the Los Angeles animal protection community are proud of our extraordinary accomplishments. These legislative victories were not easy to achieve. But our victories are being ignored by LAAS. 

For years, hundreds of us pounded the pavement at protests in front of pet stores selling factory-bred pets. We've rescued countless broken animals and healed their psychological and physical wounds, giving them a new chance at life, saving them from death at the shelter. 

Because of our collective dedication, we have two pieces of ground-breaking legislation that are the envy of civilized cities around the world. 

1. Spay Neuter ordinance
2. Factory-bred dogs, cats and rabbits sales ban in pet stores

But what good are these ordinances if our city shelters are still killing TENS of THOUSANDS of adoptable animals every year? Why is this happening? 

Because our ordinances are NOT BEING ENFORCED! 

Breeders are still breeding and selling. Everywhere we look, we see blatant NON-Compliance of our laws. Go to any dog park and ask people if they know that S/N is the LAW. There are no signs ANYWHERE and the public has no idea that we have a spay/neuter ordinance in LA. 


Because it is not being enforced.

Stopping sales of baby animals and sterilizing is the ONLY way to cut the head off the monster--Pet OVERPOPULATION. We all know it. The dept. and the city know it. That's why the laws were passed. We are being dismissed by the city now. They gave us our law but have swept us under the carpet. Don't let this happen.

Our own general manager doesn't make spay/neuter a priority, claiming she doesn't have funds. It's not true! We have looked at the revenues and there is money for S/N that she is not even using! LOTS of money! Ask the dept for a copy of the revenues and see for yourself. Don't believe the story that there are no funds. 

If they ticket people for non-compliance, like speeding tickets and parking violations, we'll have LOTS MORE $. There are 3 revenue streams that are completely ignored by LAAS' general manager. She was audited, you know, and it wasn't good. The report was SCATHING. What was done about it? NOTHING.

It's time for action. Come to the meeting to demand enforcement now. Talk to these commissioners. They want to help LA's animals. They are here to help us direct OUR government agency. We pay for LAAS. Shouldn't we have a say on how it is run?

COME join us! We can obtain change by being engaged in the process.

There is a deadly pet overpopulation crisis in LA. Tens of thousands of animals are being exterminated and it is unacceptable. We MUST come together and demand enforcement of these useful, effective laws we worked so hard to pass.

We have a new commission appointed by our new mayor. They are a really fine group of people. Read about them. They give me hope. I think we can work with them.

Board of Animal Services Commissioners:
The Commission advocates for people and animals living safely together in the City of Los Angeles and sets policy for the Department. The Commission holds public hearings on critical issues, identifies priorities to be addressed, and makes recommendations to the Mayor and City Council. The Board has the authority to supervise, control, regulate, and manage the Department; make and enforce all rules and regulations necessary to exercise the powers conferred upon the Department by the Los Angeles City Charter, and provide instructions to the Department’s General Manager.

CAPS West Coast Director Carole Raphaelle Davis
Companion Animal Protection Society www.caps-web.org

PS: Please let me know if your rescue would like to be added to the list of orgs joining us. All are welcome, this is not about personalities, this is about getting things done for our city's animals.
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