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Published in CAPS News
Thursday, 14 June 2012 18:08

USDA Proposes AWA Update

Americans love online shopping. Websites like Amazon and Zappos now compete with big box stores like Walmart and Target, at times beating them in sales. Unfortunately, the shadiest and cruelest pet businesses also ride the lucrative wave of the Internet bubble. Like online scammers, these puppy mill owners disguise themselves as legitimate operations by posting stock photos of cute puppies and staged pictures of their so-called kennels in semi-professional websites. To the average person, these places seem as reliable and safe as eBay, but nothing could be further from the truth...
Published in CAPS News
Publication/Event date: 2012-06-13
Publication name:
URL for more info:
As the animal protection movement wages its battle against the maltreatment of dogs in puppy mills, it faces an increasingly powerful enemy—the Internet pet store. The Internet, as helpful as it has been for rescuing animals with sites like, has become a stealth shield for unlicensed breeders looking to make a buck.
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Published in CAPS News
Publication/Event date: 2012-06-05
Publication name: The Herald-Tribune 
URL for more info:
SARASOTA - A controversial proposal to allow nighttime hunting of wild hogs with dogs and knives in a nature preserve was temporarily shelved on Tuesday by county commissioners.

Facing public opposition from animal rights activists who sent more than 75 emails denouncing the plan, the county commission decided it needed more information about possible alternatives to the hunt. County and regional officials had suggested a pair of three-day night hunts in December and March 2013 to cull wild hogs they say are out of control and tearing up the pristine wilderness habitat.

The proposal will come back to the commission within 30 days.

Continue reading...
Published in CAPS News
Wednesday, 13 June 2012 16:46

Wednesday letters; Trap the hogs

Letter to The Herald-Tribune editor from the head of Sarasota In Defense of Animals, Elise Matthes:
Publication/Event date:
Publication name: The Herald-Tribune
URL for more info:
Animal advocates involved with the wild hog issue understand the need for population control and agree that hogs can cause a lot of damage with rooting; however, not the hunting with dogs method that the Sarasota County commisioners will be voting on at their meeting at 9 a.m. June 27.
Continue reading…
Published in CAPS News
Thursday, 07 June 2012 22:32

Sarasota County considers wild hog hunt

Publication/Event date: 2012-06-04
Publication name: Herald Tribune
URL for more info:
Summary: If county and regional officials get their way, a group of 30 hunters with dogs and knives will head out to a Sarasota County wilderness preserve for nighttime hog hunts in December and again next March.

Continue reading…
Published in CAPS News

A Kathleen Lowson Film‬

A spiritual and psychological study of the human condition, this precedent-setting documentary film will awaken consciousness, with its center on the fur trade as a paradigm of a more expansive nemesis permeating our world.

Published in CAPS News
Publication/Event date: 2012-04-16
Publication name:
ABC 7/
URL for more info:
SARASOTA - A Suncoast pet store owner is fighting back against demonstrators.

People protested outside a pet store called "Puppy Town" on Sunday. They say the store on U.S. 41 in Sarasota gets dogs from puppy mills and that the store supports animal cruelty. Continue reading this story…

Published in CAPS News
Thanks to CAPS West Coast Director Carole Davis for not only presenting our investigation but recommending that the city introduce an ordinaThanks to CAPS West Coast Director Carole Davis for not only presenting our investigation but recommending that the city introduce an ordinance!
Publication/Event date: 2012-04-17
Publication name:
CBS Los Angeles
URL for more info:
LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The L.A. City Council voted Tuesday in favor of banning stores from selling dogs, cats and rabbits that are not rescues in an effort to curb the city’s animal euthanasia rates.
Eleven members of the council approved the motion, which will be drafted by the City Attorney’s Office into an ordinance banning pet sales. Councilman Bill Rosendahl cast the dissenting vote. Continue reading the article…
Published in CAPS News
Sunday, 22 April 2012 03:06

SNN6: A Puppy Town Protest

More than 25 protesters showed up to participate in a CAPS –sponsored protest of Puppy Town in Sarasota on Sunday, April 15. Puppy Town, which also has a store in Tampa, buys dogs from puppy mills in the Midwest that have serious violations of the Animal Welfare Act and from an Internet seller in Georgia who does not have a USDA license. ABC Sarasota and Sarasota News Network (SNN) covered the protest.

Published in CAPS News
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