They need our

They need our


CAPS is the only national non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to protecting companion animals from abuse in puppy mills and pet shops.


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The Problem:
Puppy mills overbreed,
leading to high rates
of euthanasia.

November vegan happenings in Chicago

Saturday, 12 November 2011 02:00
Publication/Event date: 2011-11-10

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Summary: Given how many dogs and cats are killed at shelters every year due to overpopulation and given how abysmal conditions are at many breeding facilities that supply pet stores (a.k.a., puppy mills) people are mobilizing across the country to raise awareness, and decrease impulse purchases, outside of pet stores. One such group, the Companion Animal Protection Society Chicago, meets in the suburbs in front of Happiness Is(n't) Pets pet stores to educate the public.


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Beatrice is one
of the lucky ones.

Read Her Story

Beatrice is one
of the lucky ones.

Read Her Story


CAPS is working toward a world free from inhumane breeding and sales practices. Join us by adding your voice today!


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