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Happiness Is Pets Source of Distemper Outbreak (UPDATED)

CAPS received a complaint this morning (02/01/12) from a Happiness is Pets customer whose dog, purchased for $1200 just over two weeks ago, had a runny nose and sneezing, which progressed to lack of appetite, bad diarrhea and extreme lethargy. The small Pomeranian's eye's are now so crusted open she can't open them. This morning she was barely moving. The HIP vet tested the dog for parvo and said there was nothing seriously wrong with the dog. CAPS President Deborah Howard called and emailed the customer and told her to take her dog to a decent vet immediately, which is where she is now. This sounds like another case of distemper.
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    Happiness is Pets, a pet store chain in the Chicago suburbs, has long been known by many to sell puppies that often end up with health issues. This, of course, is not news - we know that puppies sold by pet stores can only come from one type of breeder, the horrid puppy mills. Making the news now, though, is a distemper outbreak that has been traced to this chain.

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