Last Day to Ban Devocalization. Call Again--Many More Needed!

Thursday, 21 June 2012 11:31
Call again & get others to do the same.
Forward this alert to NYS residents.
Tweet & post this link to FB: 

Today's Your Last Chance to Protect the Voices--and Lives--of Dogs and Cats in New York. 
The NYS Assembly Took a Humane StandBy Passing the Devocalization Ban As Written. BUT Lobbies That Profit From DevocalizationHave Influenced Senators. Without Your Voice,The Ban Will Die in the NYS SENATE. Make the 2 Calls Below Even If You Already Have.Tell the Senate (scroll down for corrected link): "I Want the Devocalization Ban toBecome Law As Written Now. And I Vote." DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO ANOTHER DOG OR CAT!

You must call again--and get at least three NYS friends to call too. 
Make Senators hear your voice above the roar of special interests that profit from devocalization, a cruel convenience surgery outlawed in many countries and in Massachusetts too. 

You must specify "as written" because amendments to the law would hurt animals. 
If asked the bill number, it is S6167C/A3431D. 

1) Tell the office of Sen. Majority Leader Skelos at 518-455-3171 or 516-766-8383: "I'd like Sen. Skelos to ensure the devocalization ban becomes law as written today. The Assembly took a humane stand. The Senate should too." AND this call is very important too... 
2) Tell the office of your own NYS Senator (in Albany, not Washington, DC): "I'm a constituent. I want the devocalization ban to become law as written today. It's a top priority for me, and I vote." CORRECTED LINK: To find your Senator's name and phone #, enter your address here: 
A promise of support means nothing if the bill doesn't get a vote. Your Senator needs to actively enlist the Majority Leader's assistance to bring the legislation to the floor this session...and pass it as written.

Call, don't email. Emails can be ignored; calls can't. Always be polite!
Get voicemail? Keep calling till you speak with an aide. Don't give up.


What devocalized dogs sound like 

Devocalization: real victims

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