Aquarium & Pet Center Buys from Hunte Corporation

Saturday, 17 October 2009 03:00

Aquarium & Pet Center Buys from Hunte Corporation

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Aquarium & Pet Center Buys from Hunte Corporation
Aquarium & Pet Center obtains many of its puppies from The Hunte Corporation in Goodman, MO. From December 2004 - June 2005, a CAPS investigator worked undercover at Hunte, the largest dog brokering facility in the country. Hunte uses employees and small brokers as booking agents who obtain puppies from mills throughout the Midwest and neighboring states and transport them to Hunte facilities. Hunte holds these puppies for several days before loading them on large semi trucks for trips to pet shops across the U.S. and Canada and to airports, where puppies are flown overseas to places such as Japan and South America. Hunte brokered puppies are sold at pet shops in Mexico and Puerto Rico. Petland, the largest pet shop franchise chain in the U.S., is a major Hunte customer. Andrew Hunte's daughter owns the largest Petland in the country.

Subsequent to the undercover employment, CAPS investigated at least 50 puppy mills, mostly USDA licensed, that were selling puppies to Hunte. Approximately 50 percent of these mills had serious enough violations to warrant an investigation report. CAPS continues to investigate puppy mills that sell to Hunte.

CAPS defines a puppy mill as a commercial breeding establishment that mass produces dogs for resale through pet shops or individuals. A USDA licensed facility is a puppy mill. Reputable breeders do not sell to pet shops.

View the CAPS documentary on the undercover employment investigation at Hunte:

Undercover at the Hunte Corporation

View the CAPS documentary on the subsequent investigation of puppy mills that supply puppies to Hunte:

Hunte Corporation - From Puppy Mill to Pet Shop

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