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Thursday, 23 August 2012 20:00

Protestors Gear Up for National Dog Day

Publication/Event date: 2012-08-24
Publication name: Riverhead Patch
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The Companion Animal Protection Society has been demonstrating outside the puppy store in recent months; the group was recently sent a cease and desist order from the shop owner, Scott Kaphan's, attorney but so far, Barbara Dennihy said they group has not heard anything further about the demand.

"CAPS has been holding educational demonstrations every weekend at local pet shops to educate consumers on the connection between puppy mills/puppy brokers and retail pet stores," Dennihy said. "Over three million puppies are produced in puppy mills across the United States every year for distribution to retail puppy stores, while in shelters across America over three million companion animals a year are euthanized, for no other reason except lack of space. What is wrong with this picture?" she asked.

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Published in CAPS News
Who: Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS)
What: Protest and Outreach Event
Where: The Puppy Experience, 487 New York State Route 25, Aquebogue, NY
When: Saturdays and Sundays, 1 - 4pm (ongoing)
Why: To educate consumers about the pet shop/puppy mill connection and to encourage the public to adopt from rescues and shelters How: Through education, outreach and law-abiding protests

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Publication/Event date: 2012-08-14
Publication name: NorthFork Patch
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Tensions are escalating between a group of protestors who rally outside The Puppy Experience in Aquebogue and the owner of the business.

For weeks, protestors have been demonstrating outside The Puppy Experience on Route 25 in Aquebogue, carrying signs stating that many pet stores purchase dogs from puppy mills; the most recent protest was this weekend.

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Monday, 06 August 2012 20:00

Protestors Return To The Puppy Experience

Publication/Event date: 2012-08-05
Publication name: Riverhead Patch
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Waving signs that read "Puppy Mills Breed Cruelty," "Adopt From A Shelter," and "Prisoners of Greed," animal advocates protested outside The Puppy Experience in Aquebogue both Saturday and Sunday in an effort to raise awareness about puppy mills.

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Thursday, 31 December 2009 19:00

The Puppy Experience

The Puppy Experience

CAPS Day of Demonstration for Puppy Mill Education on June 23, 2012, in which CAPS held three simultaneous protests against pet shops on Long Island, kicked off a campaign urging The Puppy Experience in Aquebogue on Long Island to go humane.

The Puppy Experience purchased puppies from Kathy Bauck, even after she was convicted of animal cruelty based on evidence from a CAPS undercover employment investigation. Bauck was one of the largest and most notorious dog brokers and breeders in the country. The Puppy Experience bought puppies from Missouri-based The Hunte Corporation, the largest brokerage facility in the country. A CAPS investigator worked undercover at Hunte for six months and investigated some of their breeders (links to both documentaries). The Puppy Experience has also purchased puppies from JAKS Puppies (Jolyn Noethe) in Britt, Iowa, which also sells to Happiness is Pets. Check out the USDA photos for Wendie and Doug Dettbarn in Iowa, who sell to JAKS.

Images from a CAPS protest of the Puppy Experience:

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