Bixenman, James and Marilyn

  • Breeder: Bixenman, James and Marilyn
  • Address: 33793 Colony Ave.
  • City, State Zip: New Cambria, MO
  • Year: 2012
  • USDA License: 43-A-4396
  • Date of CAPS Investigation: 2012-06-21
On the premises at the time of investigation: approximately 200 dogs.

Breeds: Yorkies, Shih Tzus, Beagles, Maltese, Bichon Frise, more.

The temperature at the time of the investigation was 90 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny.

Building Type #1:
All dogs were housed in wire kennels suspended from the ceilings of an indoor barn. No bedding was provided for these dogs (3.4(b)(4) Outdoor housing facilities). No outdoor access was provided. This is in violation of the new revisions to the Missouri Canine Cruelty Prevention Act, which require unfettered outdoor access for all dogs. There was an abundance of flies in the kennel that Ms. Bixenman vocally acknowledged were always there (3.1(c)(3) Housing facilities, general) (3.11(d) Cleaning, sanitation and pest control). This indicates lack of waste disposal and/or a bad drainage systems (3.1(f) Housing facilities, general). She told me that the barn had originally been used to house hogs and that part of the reason there were pests was because of bad drainage. These systems must be replaced if they are causing pests (3.4(c) Outdoor housing facilities).

At one point, a female Beagle started coughing and Ms. Bixenman acknowledged the dog and told it to cut it out. This dog may have needed veterinary care (2.40(a) Attending veterinary and adequate veterinary care) (2.40(b)(2) & (3) Attending veterinary and adequate veterinary care). When I took interest in a 2-week-old Shih Tzu, Ms. Bixenman picked the dog up improperly, causing the dog to squeal loudly. This is considered improper handling (2.100(a) Compliance with Standards and Holding Period) (2.131(b)(1)Handling of animals).

Water bowls must be accessible to all dogs. The water bowls in the whelping/nursing room were more than twice the height of the 6 Shih Tzu puppies located in the kennel. This is not considered potable for the dogs (3.6(a)(2)(viii) Primary Enclosures) (3.10 Watering).

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