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CAPS is the only national non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to protecting companion animals from abuse in puppy mills and pet shops.


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The Problem:
Puppy mills overbreed,
leading to high rates
of euthanasia.

Bob Meetin

Bob Meetin

September 5, 2014
Publication: Cindy Lu’s Muse
Summary: On Tuesday night, Naperville city council heard commentary on potential regulation of retail pet sales from 21 speakers over the course of 2 hours, interspersed with pointed questions by board members. Previously, the board requested city staff research the issue and provide recommendations. While having received a good deal of information, the board decided additional due diligence was required prior to making any decisions.
September 3, 2014
Publication: Naperville Sun
Summary: Officials have put on hold any action on the sale of pets in Naperville pet stores, saying they want to learn more about the issue before implementing a ban that would allow the shops only to offer dogs and cats sourced from shelters and rescue groups.
Thursday, 11 September 2014 19:45

Naperville delays decision on puppy sale rules

September 3, 2014
Publication: Chicago Tribune
Summary: Naperville city councilmen are continuing to debate whether they want to restrict the sale of dogs from commercial breeders that some consider "puppy mills."
September 3, 2014
Publication: Daily Herald
Summary: Puppies will continue to be on the minds of the Naperville City Council and city staff members as they research whether the city should limit the sale of dogs from so-called puppy mills....
Thursday, 11 September 2014 19:41

Orland Park Mulls Pet Store Ordinance

August 19, 2014
Publication: Cindy Lu’s Muse
Summary: On Monday evening, an Orland Park committee convened with a hot topic on the docket – namely, the sale of pets by pet stores within the town boundaries. After a few months of listening to experts explain the details of the symbiotic relationship between pet stores and the puppy mills they source their pets from, as well as defensive remarks by pet store owners, the committee gave the subject a thorough review and created an ordinance proposal.
Thursday, 11 September 2014 19:36

Orland trustees focus on pet shop disclosures

August 19, 2014
Publication: Chicago Tribune
Summary: A committee of Orland Park trustees Monday endorsed replacing a ban on the sale of commercially bred pets passed in Cook County earlier this year with a local ordinance focusing on disclosure requirements. CAPS would like to thank CAPS Illinois Director Ida McCarthy and CAPS Chicago Outreach Coordinator Dianne Dorado Arp for all their hard work on behalf puppy mill dogs. Without them, the proposed ban on the sale of commercially bred pets in Orland Park, IL wouldn't have been possible.
August 8, 2014
Publication: WEHOville
Summary: Animal rights activists faced off against Sheriff’s deputies as they staged a demonstration on Sunday in front of the Whole Foods grocery store in West Hollywood to protest the grocer’s decision to sell meat from domestic rabbits.
August 18, 2014
Summary: Animal rights activists from the Bunny World Foundation and the Companion Animal Protection Society staged a protest of Whole Foods Market in West Hollywood yesterday, participating in a nation-wide protest of over 40 Whole Foods Markets to immediately stop the sale of butchered rabbits. About 20 activists brandishing signs and chanting “Whole Foods has blood on its hands!” marched near the front door of the supermarket and collected signatures from shoppers. Also see: CNN iReport: Rabbit Lovers Versus Whole Foods Market

Boycott Against Rabbit Meat Sold at Whole Foods

August 16, 2014

Who: Bunny World Foundation (BWF) and Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS)

What: BWF & CAPS will participate in the “National Day of Action and Awareness to Protest the Sale of Rabbit Meat at Whole Foods Market.” BWF and CAPS will join over 100 animal rights activists, 70 businesses, humane societies, animal rescue groups, as well as 10,000 people who have petitioned Whole Foods Market to immediately stop the sale of butchered rabbits. On August 17th, community protests will be held outside over 40+ Whole Foods Market locations nationwide.

August 4, 2014
Publication: truthAtlas
Summary: For over 20 years, Deborah Howard, founder of CAPS, and her team of investigators have been going undercover, under the guise of employees, in an effort to disclose inhumane and squalid puppy mills and the most egregious offenders of the Animal Cruelty Act. She, along with her team, have witnessed such horrible conditions, including emaciated and mentally anguished dogs, that the scenes haunt them for years.

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Beatrice is one
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Beatrice is one
of the lucky ones.

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