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What do you get when you combine glamorous fashion models with cute dogs rescued from un-glamorous puppy mills?

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Bob Meetin

Bob Meetin

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Summary: "Charlie" un pauvre chien sauve de la mort a la fourriere de Los Angeles fait du shopping a Nice avec sa nouvelle famille adoptive. Grace a Riviera Rescue, ce petit chien, victime d'une usine a chiots en Californie, a trouve l'amour ici avec une famille Nicoise. Le message internationale d'adoption: Don't Shop! ADOPT!
Source: Coalition to Protect and Rescue Pets
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Stop Mandatory Declawing and Devocalization--Email Today and call today!
Just in case anyone forgot.....please forward to those who care.

Please Tell Gov. Schwarzenegger the Eyes of the Nation Are On Him:

Sign AB 2743 Without Delay!

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Paw Project, last week the California state legislature passed AB 2743, which will prohibit landlords from requiring tenants to declaw or devocalize their cats and dogs.

Great news but...

It's not law until Gov. Schwarzenegger signs it. And it won't be if the California Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) has its way. Your voice is important to protect vulnerable dogs and cats--and the people who love them.

Ironically, while landlord associations supported AB 2743, CVMA has lobbied very hard against it. The Paw Project reports that CVMA is now urging its members to send letters of opposition to the governor. That's disappointing but not surprising: Mass. Veterinary Medical Association (MVMA) lobbied against Logan's Law, which took effect July 21, making Massachusetts the first state to ban cruel devocalization of dogs and cats.

You didn't let MVMA win at the expense of vulnerable animals; don't let CVMA.

No Matter Where You Live, You Can Help In 5 Minutes or Less!

Please call email or fax Gov. Schwarzenegger right away; tell him the eyes of the nation are on him, and people of goodwill are waiting for him to sign AB 2743 into law. Then forward this eAlert to family and friends throughout the U.S. who care about animals.

The full text of AB 2743 is available at this link:

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has vetoed the bill sponsored by Paw Project that would prevent landlords from requiring tenants to declaw or devocalize their pets.

Landlord associations supported this humane legislation.

Yet California Veterinary Medical Assn. lobbied strenuously against it.

Mass. Veterinary Medical Assn. lobbied equally vigorously against Logan's Law, which prohibits devocalization of cats and dogs, despite substantial evidence that devocalized animals face risks without any benefit; they're abandoned like any other.

Something needs to change. It's long overdue.

Everyone who cares about animals must hold veterinary associations and our own vets to a higher standard. Until that happens, helpless animals will continue to be subjected to painful, needless surgeries they don't order and can't refuse. All for someone's convenience, aesthetic pleasure--or profit.

So what can you do? It's easy.

Next time you see your vet, have a frank discussion. Politely tell him or her:

You expect the professional to whom you entrust your best friend's health to speak out against devocalization and declawing, ear cropping and tail docking--regardless of the position held by the veterinary association, which is charged with protecting members' business interests. If your vet performs these inhumane procedures, you have the option of taking your dog or cat to one who doesn't believe in subjecting animals to medically unnecessary surgery.

Vets need to understand that performing, sanctioning and lobbying against legislation to prevent convenience and cosmetic surgeries is unacceptable to the majority of their clients. That means people like you.

Your business matters to your vet. So should your concern that animals not be cut to modify innate behavior or to achieve an artificial breed aesthetic.

The buck stops with you--and every other veterinary client who cares about animals.

Please use your voice to protect them.

Thousands of dogs will soon enjoy a better life -- and they have you to thank.

Missourians voted YES! on Prop B, and chose to save dogs suffering in Missouri puppy mills.

You made this victory happen. Whether you donated to keep our TV ads on the air, spent your nights phone banking for Prop B, hit the pavement with leaflets, gathered signatures from registered voters, or engaged your friends and family in Missouri -- you helped show millions of Missouri voters what Prop B would mean for dogs.

We are grateful to the citizens of Missouri for voting to crack down on puppy mill abuses and establish common-sense standards for the care of dogs at large scale facilities. Finally these creatures will have relief from being crammed into small and filthy cages, without veterinary care, exercise, or human affection. If we can do it here in the nation’s largest puppy mill state, we are more likely to see similar reforms enacted in other states, where the industry is not nearly as strong and entrenched.

Dogs should be treated like family pets, not like breeding machines or a cash crop. We look forward to working with commercial breeders to transition to more humane systems and setting a new high bar within this industry. Missouri lawmakers and state officials should heed this message from the people, and immediately step up enforcement efforts to crack down on inhumane breeding operations.

How dogs are treated is so important to all of us -- and even more important to the dogs who have been suffering every day in Missouri’s puppy mills. Together, we fought for a better life for puppy mill dogs, and together, we won.

Thank you,
Barbara Schmitz
Campaign Manager
Missourians for the Protection of Dogs / YES! on Prop B

P.S. For the latest news and next steps, please continue to visit
CAPS did an extensive investigation of Jeff Blustein, a USDA licensed broker whose company, Rare Breeds, was importing Hungarian puppies with fraudulent pedigrees. He sold these puppies to pet shops in New York and New Jersey. CAPS received a number of complaints from consumers who purchased European Kennel Club (EKCH) puppies. CAPS President Deborah Howard appeared on TV news in Hungary and worked closely with reputable Hungarian breeders who verified that the pedigrees produced by the bogus kennel club were fraudulent.

We presented our documentary evidence to the New York Attorney General's Office in 2005. CAPS had two lengthy meetings in the Manhattan and Nassau County Attorney General offices to discuss the case. The Attorney General reached a settlement in March 2007. Rare Breeds agreed to discontinue importing dogs from Hungary with pedigree documents from EKCH or any other kennel clubs with which Bela Musto (the exporter and creator of the pedigrees) is affiliated. Rare Breeds also agreed to pay a civil penalty of $20,000. CAPS will continue to monitor Hungarian puppies in pet shops.

For more information: Attorney General Announces Settlement with Queens Pet Broker that Sold Puppies with Inaccurate Records
Excerpt: The sale of dogs, cats and other small animals at pet stores would be banned in Fort Collins under a proposal that might be headed to the April 2011 municipal ballot.

Date: Dec 09, 2010
Read the full article:
Tuesday, 18 January 2011 19:00

Animal Wise Radio from January 16, 2011

Animal Wise Radio meets Carolyn Resnick, a horse person's graduate teacher. Known among horse lovers as one of the finest, she will share some of her method and own evolution in her learning about connecting with horses for the best possible partnership. Deborah Howard, founder of the Companion Animal Protection Society will also join us to talk about the USDA and puppy mills. How does a convicted puppy mill operator continue selling to pet shops? We'll talk about a Minnesota case study. And Nathan Winograd discusses grass roots, no-kill efforts in Cumberland, MD.

For more information visit:
Former "Good Morning America" and CNN consumer correspondent Greg Hunter has picked "CAPS vs. Bauck" on Vimeo as one of his favorite sites on his website, CAPS did a story with Greg in 2006 about Celebrity Kennels (aka Wizard of Claw) in Florida, who obtained puppies from the Hunte Corporation and sold through a store front and online.
CAPS protest against Barkworks at their Thousand Oaks location.

by Leon Wagner;id=588612977&fbid=10150099169702978
Monday, 04 April 2011 20:00

Liz Taylor Exposed

David Feldman Comedy

Carole Raphaelle Davis

Artist: Carole Raphaelle Davis
Title: Liz Taylor Exposed
Genre: Comedy
Year: 2011

Animal cruelty in Beverly Hills exposed with Carole Raphaelle Davis from the Companion Animal Protection Society. Carole discusses Liz Taylor's unethical fundraising that resulted in the 'horrific abuse of animals' and her 'tacky and cruel' personal fashion choices." Plus Charlie Sheen's possible history of cruelty to animals. Along with Eddie Pepitone and Chris Pina.
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Deborah Howard

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