Complaint Details

Cust First Name Carolina 
Shop Name,, 
Shop Address Line 1,, 
Shop Address Line 2,, 
Shop City Claremore 
Shop State or Province Oklahoma 
Shop Country United States  
Was Online Purchase Yes 
Shop Website,, 
Shop Email Address  
Date of Purchase 2009/11/20 
Price 1200 
Shop Breed of Dog maltese 
Sex Female 
Date of Birth 2009/08/18 
Date of Death  
Breeder Paul Howard & Cheryl Howard 
Diseases and Illnesses kennel cough, ear mites, MLP of back leg, hernia, lazy ear, and collapsed trachae 
When illness begin end kennel cough and cold like symptoms plus ear mites lasted 3 weeks before she got better. 
Hereditary Defects  
Recommend vet No 
Veterinary expenses to date 21-nov-2009 
How did you hear about shop 
Please describe conditions 11-20-09 I purchased a female maltese pup from a Paul and Cheryl Howard from Claremore, Oklahoma, website or . I live in NYC. The puppy arrived sick with what I thought to be Kennel Cough as this is my second dog and am familiriar with the symptoms. She was also scratching one of her ears a lot and upon inspection I found that the ear was filled with brown gunk compared to the other ear which was completely clean. I notified the breeder immediately that same afternoon when the dog arrived. Per the breeders contract I took the puppy to the Vet the next day. The Vet found the dog to have kennel cough, ear mites,hernia,medial patella luxation of her back leg. Breeders contract does not cover costs associated with kennel cough (which is understandable as most puppies catch it when they are little). However, his contract did not cover the ear mites either and anything beyond that which is congenital I would have to return the dog via american airlines paying out of my own pocket (roughly another 0). I had the Vet provide medical bills (to date it is now up to 0) in writing and also his findings which I promply provided to the breeder the next day when I took the pup for the check-up. In turn the breeder wanted me to ship the sick puppy right away. Not only would I have put the dogs life in danger because of her grave state but by law american airlines prohibits the shipment of sick animals. The breeder told me to just use the health certificate that the dog came with and AA would never know the dog is sick as its valid for 30 days. His contract does not provide refunds, only replacements so I would ship the dog back and hope that he replaces the pup with one that is not sick or with congenital problems. Breeder was in breach of contract as the dog is not healthy as he promised. I flipped out telling him what morals as a breeder does he have to even suggest putting a sick animal through such an ordeal and only then he said well then wait till she gets better and then send her back for a replacement. It took him 3 days to open the medical bills and statement from the Vet that I emailed him and then started claiming that American Airlines switched the puppies. He said the pup could not possibly be what he sent me. 3rd day he also remembered to tell me that the dog he sent me has a microchip. The contract I signed did not include a microchip in the puppy. Nor did I pay extra for microchipping. He provided a chip number and told me to run to the vet and scan my dog and if the chip is not in the dog then its not the one he sent me. So like an idiot I ran to the vet. The dog did not have a chip but the vet took the chip number down that the breeder provided and contacted the manufacturer only to find out the breeder gave me a false/fake chip number. I was promised an ACA registration with the dog and did not get that either. I told him if the dog is microchipped then where is the chip registration papers? He told me they don't normally provide that documentation. Did not receive ACA registration either which was part of what I was suppose to get per the contract. To date I have not received any of the papers for my dog.  
Eastern European Purchase No 
Breeders Name  
Breeders Email Address   
Breeders Address Line 1  
Breeders Address Line 2  
Breeders City  
Breeders City  
Breeders Website  
Can be registered N/A 
Did the shop communicate Yes 

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