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Cust First Name john 
Shop Name Passionate Pet 
Shop Address Line 1 18871 Teller Ave 
Shop Address Line 2  
Shop City Irvine 
Shop State or Province California 
Shop Country United States  
Was Online Purchase No 
Shop Website 
Shop Email Address  
Date of Purchase NA 
Shop Breed of Dog N/a 
Sex Male 
Date of Birth NA 
Date of Death NA 
Breeder NA 
Diseases and Illnesses None yet that I know. Only noticed increased vomiting. 
When illness begin end 12/29/2009 
Hereditary Defects  
Recommend vet N/A 
Veterinary expenses to date 
How did you hear about shop 
Please describe conditions Dear Madam, Any feedback or advice regarding this would be most appreciated. I worked at a doggy daycare/boarding and pet supply store till 02/20/2010 when I asked for the phone number of owner to express concerns. This is about using HDQ Neutral in doggy day care when animals are present throughout the business day to clean up their waste. 1st three words of direction under the animal sub-paragraph is “Remove all animals”. Also says on label IT IS A VIOLATION OF FEDERAL LAW TO USE THIS PRODUCT IN A MANNER INCONSISTENT WITH ITS LABELING. The issue of the hazards and incorrect applications of HDQ Neutral originated from Michelle Pennick, then the newly appointed manager of animal care. She campaigned vigorously for a change in product. The reason for reticence given by Lisa(Store Manager) was there was no money in the budget to switch when we still had a case of HDQ. Michelle then bought with her own money product called Odoban and obtained permission for us to use that in the day care rooms when animals are present. It was understood at that time we would use the remaining HDQ to clean rooms closing when animals are no longer there. When remaining HDQ we would a that time switch to Odoban or another product that could be used for both situations. After a few days of using Odoban, we were directed by Lisa to switch back due to "complaints by customers and employees of unpleasant odors from Odoban". She said this came from the Owner/CEO John Dunn. I asked Michelle a few days later if she was present when this directive was issued by Mr. Dunn. Michelle and everyone I asked could not give first hand account of this event. It was few days after this that I could not sleep well thru the night due to my knowledge that I personally was not using HDQ according to directions from manufacturer, and have been using it incorrectly for over 2 months. I called the store manager the next morning to ask for the owner’s number. She would not give it to me till approx 12 hours later. After 2 initial voice mails stating that they will switch to another product, they changed their mind and are still using this incorrectly to the best of my knowledge. In response to my complaint with state labor board, Lisa Antoci states First voice-mails from management started arriving about 10 minutes after my initial call. Following is title of chapter regarding animals, first sentence, and second to last sentence. Disinfection/Virucide of Poultry/Turkey Equipment, Swine Quarters and Kennels Directions: Remove all animals and feeds from premises, vehicles and enclosures coops crates and kennels. Do not house animals or employ equipment until treatment has been absorbed, set or dried. link to directions:$FILE/HDQ+NEUTRAL+INFO+BULLETIN.pdf link to MSDS:!OpenDocument link to cautionary label:$FILE/HDQ+NEUTRAL+RTU+Solutions+Label.pdf Main concern is ongoing?, exposure to animals. My contention is, why not follow directions of product from the product's manufacturer? I have contacted everyone I could think of including Irvine animal control, Calosha, OCSPCa, various animal rights groups, but no one can offer any info, or consolation. Attached to this email are copies of the 6 voice-mails from management. Gratefully, John ho 714-650-9930  
Breeders Name  
Breeders Email Address   
Breeders Address Line 1  
Breeders Address Line 2  
Breeders City  
Breeders City  
Breeders Website  

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