Complaint Details

Cust First Name 
Shop Name Happiness is Pets 
Shop Address Line 1 15647 94th Ave 
Shop Address Line 2 Orland Park 
Shop City Chicago 
Shop State or Province Illinois 
Shop Country United States  
Was Online Purchase No 
Shop Website  
Shop Email Address  
Date of Purchase 2013/11/29 
Shop Breed of Dog Terrier 
Sex Male 
Date of Birth 2013/12/01 
Date of Death 2013/12/01 
Breeder Unknown 
Diseases and Illnesses None 
When illness begin end None 
Hereditary Defects None 
Recommend vet N/A 
Veterinary expenses to date None 
How did you hear about shop I visited the store when passing. 
Please describe conditions I have not purchased the puppy I am concerned about as I recognise that another 10 pups will befall the same fate if I hand my money over. However I need to express my heartbreak and deep concern for all the dogs at the store which I visited on 29/11/13. I saw fleas and or ticks on one of the pups. I did make staff aware but was told this was 'not possible' and was dismissed. In horror I watched for 30 minutes as a little Boston circled and paced on the mesh floor from end to end of his tiny environment. When I enquired I was told his stay there had so far been for a month. I asked to handle him (I wanted to check him over and give him human contact) -He was clearly suffering psycholgically from his underwhelming and unstimulating environment and his bite pressure was extremely hard, which indicated he had little time with littermates or had gone a long period in solitude. He was desperate and on high alert when I got into the play pen with him. The staff were not warming to me as I played with the Boston for a half hour, after which they moved me on saying that people who were 'serious' about the pups needed the play pens. (I assume they sensed they would not make a sale out of my interest.) Another thing I noticed was that when many pups finished what was in their bowl at feeding time they would pick it up and bang it on the glass. Lastly some sort of paste came round to each pup (I assume this is vitamin paste?) which is administered into the mouth with a medicine syringe as you would with a toddler; much of the paste was on the heads, backs and chests of the dogs or hanging from their chins. Few of them had actually absorbed it orally. Every day I stop my boyfriend (living in Chicago) from buying this pup because I do not want to be part of the problem, but please, how can we shut down these stores? I will send a donation to your campaign when I can. 
Eastern European Purchase No 
Breeders Name  
Breeders Email Address   
Breeders Address Line 1  
Breeders Address Line 2  
Breeders City  
Breeders City  
Breeders Website  
Can be registered N/A 
Did the shop communicate N/A 

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