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Cust First Name Brianna 
Shop Name Happiness Is Pets 
Shop Address Line 1 15647 94th Ave  
Shop Address Line 2  
Shop City Orland Park 
Shop State or Province Illinois 
Shop Country United States  
Was Online Purchase No 
Shop Website 
Shop Email Address  
Date of Purchase 2013/07/02 
Price 1,300 
Shop Breed of Dog Maltese Pomeranian 
Sex Male 
Date of Birth 2013/05/24 
Date of Death  
Breeder Laura/Lavern Eicher 
Diseases and Illnesses Possible Glucose Storage Disease, upper respiratory infection, anemic, hypoglycemic 
When illness begin end Begin first day of purchase and still existing. This has been one of the hardest weeks in my life, friends please read & share. Often when visiting Orland Park, IL I stop by a pet shop called "Happiness is Pets", if you know me I love animals especially dogs. Last Tuesday, I went into this pet shop & fell in love with a tiny "Shih Tzu Pomeranian", he was so sweet and adorable. My husband and I are newly weds and decided to purchase him, it was the start to our new family. My new baby, Sully, was 10 weeks old and a whopping 1 lb. He was a hefty investment financially, but I had been wanting a dog for so long, we caved. I was given Sully's paper, saying he had no medical issues and was ready to go, we are so happy. That night I noticed Sully had a snotty nose, with bubbles producing, I guessed it was a tiny cold. The next day, my poor pup was tired and I researched that it could be due to the big move, in the middle of the night I was waking up to tiny yelps and decided I would take Sully to the vet in the morning to make sure he was O.K. That morning disaster hit, Sully could barely move, he had urine all over himself, I was crying rushing him to the vet when he then started seizing. The vet rushed him to the back & as she closed the door I overheard them asking where we got him, she replied in a sarcastic tone "Our favorite place, Happiness is Pets". She came back in to explain to me this chain that has been "family owned and running" had many ill "puppy mill puppies". Sully wasn't healthy like his papers said, 1) He had an infection 2) He was anemic 3) He was the runt of his litter 4) He WASN'T even the bred they had him listed as, he was a Pomeranian Maltese, which meant he was prone to other diseases and disorders I hadn't even prepped myself for, he wasn't going to be the 12 lb size they told me, but rather 4 lbs, if he was lucky. It may sound cute to have such a tiny dog, but a lot of health risks happen with such small dogs. Sully went into hypoglycemia, his glucose was so low that had I waited 30 minutes later, he would've died. The pet store told me with his size to feed him only once or twice a day because his stomach would be upset, they couldn't have been more wrong...with him being anemic and a baby he needs 4-6 small meals a day. After a 9 hour day at the local animal hospital, they told me Sully would probably not make it through the night. Terrified, exhausted, we rushed Sully an hour and half to the U of I, I was vomiting I was so exhausted and didn't get home until midnight, Sully had to stay there over night. The next day we received a phone call to pick up Sully and that he was fine and stable again, we were so relieved. For the next two days my husband and I took full time shifts watching him and feeding him every two hours. I angrily called the owner of "Happiness is Pets" and all he said was "If your puppy dies, I can get you another one, but no refund". Another puppy? Sully was an individual, I chose him because I felt a connection to him. I slept a total of 9 hours in three days, missed work, skipped meals to help him, he was my baby. It seemed as if Sully was finally in the clear, playing and so energetic, I was crying tears of joy. Then this morning, DAY 6 of owning Sully, while at work my husband calls saying Sully was consistently vomiting. My husband had to call off work and rush Sully once again to the ER, when we went back hours later, Sully was even skinnier before, he looked so bad, we were told Sully might have a rare disease called Glucose Storage Disease, which was due to IMPROPER breeding-even though "Happiness is Pets" claimed to have certified breeders, this disease has no fix, basically Sully would have to be euthanized within a couple weeks or only have a possibility of living a suffering life only up to a year. I searched for hours to find the breeders number, the breeder was ignorant, telling me that they couldn't confirm or deny that Sully was not a Shih Tzu or Maltese, even though they remembered which puppy he was because he was so tiny, TOO tiny and also that his mother suffers from hypoglycemia (SO WHY IS SHE BREEDING?). The vet said we wouldn't be selfish to put Sully down, he is lethargic, prone to seizures and was abnormal. Tonight we chose to have Sully stay with a vet who volunteered to watch him over night, since he needs to be eating every two hours throughout the night--which he is so weak, he doesn't want to eat. This is our last hope, we were told he may not make it through the night, even if he does we have to most likely put him down. He has been our less that ONE week. Someone asked me why I cared about a dog I only knew for a few days, this dog has been like my child, he was my newborn. I mothered him through pain, no sleep, through panic and tears. I have slept next to him, held him in his pain, tried to comfort him, feed him by hand, provide him with proper care. I love him. In a few days I have spent over 1,300$ in vet fees, but the money isn't the importance of that matter. Sully became a part of my tiny family, I got 6 days of loving him and half that time he was sick and hospitalized. I had anxiety constantly and kept telling myself, it's worth it...he will be ok...but I'm here and I was told my baby could die at anytime. I fell into the trap of puppy stores, most puppy stores get their dogs from puppy mills. I found out Sully's breeders own over 50 adult dogs and not including the puppies they have which they can't even remember or confirm the breeds. 
Hereditary Defects Possibly Glucose Storage Disease caused from hereditary problems with father, hypoglycemia issues in mother, was told wrong bred at pet store causing problems with diagnosis, anemic, runt of the litter 
Recommend vet No 
Veterinary expenses to date 1,300 
How did you hear about shop Saw when driving by 
Please describe conditions No blankets in cages, no food, a lot animals seem tired and surrounded by feces 
Breeders Name  
Breeders Email Address   
Breeders Address Line 1  
Breeders Address Line 2  
Breeders City  
Breeders City  
Breeders Website  
Can be registered N/A 
Did the shop communicate N/A 

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