Complaint Details

Cust First Name Jessica 
Shop Name Dee Dee's Pet Palace 
Shop Address Line 1 35 S Broadway St 
Shop Address Line 2  
Shop City Coal City 
Shop State or Province Illinois 
Shop Country United States  
Was Online Purchase No 
Shop Website  
Shop Email Address  
Date of Purchase 2013/10/04 
Shop Breed of Dog Cat 
Sex Male 
Date of Birth 2013/08/23 
Date of Death 2013/10/23 
Breeder Unknown 
Diseases and Illnesses Our kitten had a very bad bacterial infection that took over his body, we noticed it in his bladder and it spread to his stomach. 
When illness begin end Our vet says he must of been sick from the time we purchased him. We noticed he was sleeping a lot on Sunday and Sunday night we went potty out of the litter box which was unlike him. Monday morning he was crying loudly inside of the litter box and wouldn't let me pick him up and trying to go potty outside of the litter box but nothing was coming out. He went into the vet a couple hours later when they could get him in and they said they had to flush his bladder. They drained out his bladder and were keeping him over night to see how he would do the next day. The next day his bladder was full again so they had to drain it again, this time a lot of puss and clumps of puss came out with urine. They tested it and confirmed it was an infection. He was put on antibiotics and kept another night. The next day his belly was full of liquid as well and he was having a hard time breathing. They drained some of the liquid out and it was the same as in his bladder, he was given another dose of antibiotics and then took a turn for even worse. He was having a hard time breathing because the fluid in his stomach kept filling up and his infection was spreading more. We had to Put him down Wednesday afternoon. 
Hereditary Defects  
Recommend vet No 
Veterinary expenses to date 0.44 
How did you hear about shop It's the only pet store in town. 
Please describe conditions All of the animals are kept in too small of cages. They have 2 cages up front and keep a whole litter of puppies and lion head bunnies in them. There is another set of 4 cages and that's where they keep the kittens, about 4-6 to a cage. The fish tanks line the walls in another area with another puppy cage and bunny cage on top of that, this is where they have any larger breed of puppies and more bunnies, usually 4 to these cages. There are multiple different kinds of animals on their counter and there is a wall of reptiles who never get handled and we were told by one of the employees at one point that they are aggressive due to lack of handling. On the way to their back room is a wall lines with bunnies, guinea pigs, hampsters, etc. They are all kept in 10 gallon fish tanks and about 3 to a tank. It smells as the tanks are dirty and they are always just laying down sleeping. All of the puppy cages are always dirty and it smells of dog pee when you walk in. The cages up front are right in the window and sunlight. 
Breeders Name  
Breeders Email Address   
Breeders Address Line 1  
Breeders Address Line 2  
Breeders City  
Breeders City  
Breeders Website  

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