Complaint Details

Cust First Name Marrield 
Shop Name Michele Walker 
Shop Address Line 1 23 Kenyon Ct.  
Shop Address Line 2  
Shop City Watsonville 
Shop State or Province California 
Shop Country United States  
Was Online Purchase No 
Shop Website 
Shop Email Address  
Date of Purchase 12/15/10 
Price 725.00 
Shop Breed of Dog Yorkshire Terrier 
Sex Female 
Date of Birth 07/27/10 
Date of Death  
Breeder Gene McElroy 
Registry AKC 
Diseases and Illnesses N/N 
When illness begin end N/A 
Hereditary Defects N/A 
Recommend vet N/A 
Veterinary expenses to date N/A 
How did you hear about shop I was looking around on the internet for local breeders and this, so I thought at the time, wonderful women with a great loving website came up. I read over all the information and she seemed very legitimate. After a year of owning my Yorkie, I decided to breed her with my male yorke. I was excited to have two new babies in my family and planned on registering these puppies under AKC. When I went to register these puppies I found out that my puppy had a limited registration, meaning that my puppies could not be registered under AKC. I thought this to be odd and contacted Michele, who said that she would not lift the limitations due to "puppy mills" . I had two puppies in my home, I explained to her. I am not planning on breeding her again, and I feel it is my right to have my babies registered and in the family tree. She again refused. I asked if we could get together and she could look at the dog she sold to me. I told her to see for herself that there are no birth defects. Again she refused. This is where I began to become suspicious of my breeder. I began to do some research and found that she had received 18 puppies in 2009. Making her one of the top 10 recipients of out of state puppies. This is odd, I tell myself. I then e-mail Michele and ask her if she is running a puppy mill or something because she had told me that the puppy I bought from her came from her home, etc. Then she explained that her sister lived in Missouri and that is why she has puppies coming from out of state. This may all seem legal except I feel she might be running some kind of puppy mill out of San Mateo, watsonville, or even santa cruz. ( I see her advertising for yorkies year round. Even on her website she advertises constantly. I don't understand how a woman can produce so many yorkies without having something suspicious going on.  
Please describe conditions When I bought my yorkie, Michele had told me that she had been camping and that she could meet us in a parking lot with the yorkshire terrier. She told me to bring the money for the dog, which I did. I met her around 8 at night in a parking lot in watsonville. The puppy was beautiful and I took her immediately. I went home that night thinking nothing odd of the situation. The next day I received an e-mail stating that she could not go forward with AKC registration without me signing a puppy contract. I signed the puppy contract and registered my yorkie without realizing the limitations on the registration. Today, I feel as if Michele is running some kind of puppy mill. There is proof she is receiving puppies on a large scale quantity from out of state. I think she may be buying these yorkies, breeding them excessively, and making a business out of it. I don't think providing a website that says that all her yorkies are from her own home is OK! She is a liar. She is breeding yorkies for a BUSINESS! Who needs to buy 19 yorkies from Missouri in 1 year! I can't even handle my two baby yorkies that were just born. I really hope to hear back from you. I want to stop this women from popping out puppies left and right for her own profits!  
Eastern European Purchase No 
Breeders Name  
Breeders Email Address   
Breeders Address Line 1  
Breeders Address Line 2  
Breeders City  
Breeders City  
Breeders Website  

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