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Publication/Event date: 2011-07-21
Publication name: Corona del Mar Patch
I Heart Puppies in Corona del Mar is expected to reopen today after being closed by the city for two days to comply with safety regulations. However, the animal-rights group that has been investigating the store is requesting that all its animals be put up for adoption citing findings from a USDA inspection report.
The Companion Animal Protection Society—a national nonprofit, investigative group—began its investigation into I Heart Puppies on July 5 after receiving complaints from residents. The group says its investigation shows that the store gets some of its dogs from Cricks Kennels in Nebraska, according to Carole Davis, the organization's West Coast director. I Heart Puppies refutes that claim and says it gets its dogs only from Critters and Pets in San Diego. In a letter issued to I Heart Puppies and last week, CAPS asked the store owners to review evidence gathered from a USDA probe regarding one of the store's breeders and requested the store put its dogs up for adoption with a nonprofit rescue organization by Friday or risk being the subject of a protest.
PLEASE vote against pet stores selling puppy mill dogs no matter where you live. PLEASE help us. Take the poll!

Publication/Event date: 2011-07-25
Publication name: Corona del Mar Today
CdM Today Poll of the Week
Should Newport Beach Ban Sales of Non-Shelter Puppies in Pet Stores?
a) Absolutely! Responsible breeders don't sell to pet shops. It's time to make a change.
b) No way! The choice should be left to the business owners, and the pet-buying public.
c) I have no opinion.
Publication/Event date: 2011-07-26

Publication name: Corona del Mar Today
The owner of a Corona del Mar puppy store has filed for a restraining order against a Los Angeles woman who claims the shop sells dogs that come from puppy mills.
Brooke Ann Bradford filed a request for orders to stop harassment on Friday in Orange County Superior Court, according to online court records. A hearing is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. Aug. 10.
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Publication/Event date: 2011-07-27
Publication name: Corona del Mar Patch
A request for a restraining order has been filed by the owner of I Heart Puppies in Corona del Mar against a director of an animal rights group, court records show.
The "order to stop harassment" was filed in Orange County Superior Court Friday by Brooke Ann Bradford against Carole Davis, West Coast director of the Companion Animal Protection Society. CAPS, a nonprofit group, launched an investigation into the store July 5 following complaints from residents and assertions that the store gets its puppies from Midwest puppy mills.
Publication/Event date: 2011-07-27
Publication name: OC Weekly
The owner of a Corona del Mar pet store has filed for a restraining order against a Los Angeles activist who has accused the merchant of acquiring dogs from puppy mills.
I Heart Puppies shop owner Brooke Ann Bradford filed the request Friday in Orange County Superior Court to stop alleged harassment by Carole Davis, the West Coast director for the Companion Animal Protection Society.
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Pet Adviser: Puppy Mill Seller Hits Animal Welfare Advocates with Restraining Order

Time: Sunday, August 7 · 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Location: 2801 East Coast Hwy, Corona Del Mar, CA
More Info:
"I Heart Puppies" sells dogs from inhumane commercial breeding factories in the midwest. CAPS has evidence that the breeders that supply "I Heart Puppies" are mistreating dogs by confining them in wire cages, exposed to the elements, covered in feces, with injuries, no bedding, no shelter from rain, wind or snow.
I Heart Puppies' owner, Brooke Bradford, has filed a restraining order against CAPS' West Coast director, Carole Davis. Ms. Bradford cannot silence the cries of 1/2 million dying dogs & cats in California shelters. So instead of rectifying the problem, she has turned against all of us.
We will not be silenced. Join us in front of her store to speak up for pet factory animals and the 1/2 million shelter animals killed every year in CA.

CAPS undercover investigation of  a USDA licensed “I Heart Puppies” supplier.  This Cocker Spaniel mother is confined 24/7 and has no bedding or shelter from the elements.

Publication/Event date: 2011-07-30
Publication name: Puppy Mill Mom

This message is for neighbors of ‘I Heart Puppies’ and for businesses in the vicinity of the pet store.
We are a group of concerned citizens in CDM, NB and Orange County who will be engaged in a sustained campaign to protest I Heart Puppies and to educate consumers and neighbors about the cruelty of the pet industry. We wish to bring public awareness to the issue of pet factories, puppy mills and to the pet overpopulation crisis that is affecting our overburdened shelters.
Publication/Event date: 2011-08-01
Publication name: Corona del Mar Patch
Following weeks of public scrutiny and with a court hearing looming, I Heart Puppies in Corona del Mar now faces the prospect of picketers in front of its store Sunday.
The boycott/adoption rally is being organized by the Animal Protection & Rescue League. More than 100 people have confirmed they will attend the protest, according to Brenda Calvillo, the event's organizer.
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Publication/Event date: 2011-08-01
Publication name: O.C. Now
A San Diego-based animal rights group expects more than 100 people to show up at the first rally against the I Heart Puppy Shop.
The protest will take place at 1 p.m. Aug. 7, said Brenda Calvillo of the Animal Protection and Rescue League.
Publication/Event date: 2011-08-07
Publication name: Corona del Mar Today
A group of about 140 protesters spent two hours this afternoon in front of the I Heart Puppy Shop in Corona del Mar, a business they claim supports puppy mills because its dogs don’t come solely from animal shelters.
“We do not want to put them out of business,” protester Carole Davis told the crowd. “The day they go humane, we will no longer be protesting — we will be shopping!”

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