Pups & Pets of Santee, CA

Following weekly protests by the Companion Animal Protection Society at Pet Works in La Mesa, CA which resulted in the ultimate closure of that store, CAPS protesters have moved to the neighboring city of Santee to Pups & Pets! Franco Cruz, Pups & Pets' store owner, is notorious for moving his animal business around under new names. He first sold his Alpine pet store in the greater San Diego area after several complaints. Cruz then proceeded to set up shop in Chula Vista under the name Puppy Time. After more complaints from the local vet and community, he once again shut down and moved to his current location in Santee under the name Pups & Pets.

"CAPS decided it was time to alert the latest community, Santee, of their new heartless business owner who purchases his puppies from Midwest puppy mills," said CAPS San Diego Campaign Coordinator Sydney Cicourel.

Ironically, Cruz sold his Alpine puppy store to Evan Ames, ALPINE ANIMAL JUNGLE's new owner, who felt a moral obligation to go humane and bring in shelter dogs for adoption! CAPS commends Mr. Ames for his humanity!

Sydney Cicourel
San Diego Campaign Coordinator
Companion Animal Protection Society
Tuesday, 16 August 2011 03:00

I Heart Puppies, Week 2

Picture courtesy of Carole Davis

Protesters Return to I Heart Puppies Shop

Publication/Event date: 2011-08-14
Publication name: Corona del Mar Today
URL for more info: http://www.coronadelmartoday.com/22053/home/protesters-return-to-i-heart-puppies-shop/
About 40 protesters have gathered near the I Heart Puppies Shop at 2801 East Coast Highway.
The group waved signs and chanted and at one point, leader Carole Davis held up a puppy she said was adopted earlier today — saving it from euthanasia.

Photos: Protesters Gather Again at 'I Heart Puppies' Store in Corona del Mar
Publication/Event date: 2011-08-15
Publication name: Corona del Mar Patch
URL for more info: http://www.coronadelmartoday.com/22053/home/protesters-return-to-i-heart-puppies-shop/
About 50 animal activists protested the store Sunday. A handful of the store's supporters were among the crowd.

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I Heart Puppies Week 2 by Carole Davis

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