Miller, Earl and David

  • Breeder: Miller, Earl and David
  • Address: 10569 CR 230
  • City, State Zip: Oronogo, MO 64855
  • Year: 2004
  • USDA License: 43-A-0353
  • Date of CAPS Investigation: 2004-10-08

Approximately 60 dogs and 32 puppies. Breeds: Maltese, Yorkshire Terriers

Earl and David Miller’s kennel consisted of two buildings. One building was about 20 feet long and eight feet wide, with metal siding for walls and roofing and eight enclosures on each 20 foot long side. Each enclosure had an indoor and outdoor cage accessible by a doggie door between them. The outdoor cages were each about two feet wide, two feet long, and two feet high and made of treated wire. Each cage housed two Yorkshire Terrier or Maltese puppies about eight weeks old.

The cages were adjacent and raised about 1.5 feet above the dirt ground on PVC piping. More than two weeks’ accumulation of feces was under each cage (3.11(a)-Cleaning of primary enclosures).

The doggie doors were made of stainless steel with metal rims around them that were rusting (3.1(c)(1)(i)-Surfaces).

A second building was about 200 feet from the first building and was built in a “T” shape. The top of the “T” was about 20 feet wide and 30 feet long, and the longer end of the building was about 20 feet wide and 45 feet long. It was made with metal siding and roofing and had doorways on each short side of the shorter end.

Each side of the longer part of the building had about 15 cages in a row, raised about 1.5 feet above the dirt ground on PVC piping. Each cage housed two adult Yorkshire Terriers or Maltese and had more than two weeks’ accumulation of feces under it (3.11(a)-Cleaning of primary enclosures).

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