Horning, John Mark (son of Ivan and Ada)

  • Breeder: Horning, John Mark (son of Ivan and Ada)
  • Business name: Farm-Pal Kennels
  • Address: 78 Centennial Rd
  • City, State Zip: Mifflinburg, PA 17844
  • Year: 2007
  • USDA License: 23-A-0342
  • Date of CAPS Investigation: 2007-10-29
  • Time of CAPS Investigation: 14:30
  • Note: Pennsylvania kennel class: K2
Breeds: Weimaraners, West Highland Terriers, Golden Retrievers

There were about 20 dogs and 10 puppies in the kennel at the time of investigation.

Two kennels at one property
There were two kennel areas, each being a small building with indoor/outdoor enclosures. Ivan Horning, one of the kennel owners told me that he owned some of the dogs while his son John Mark Horning owned the rest. Ivan and Ana Horning have a kennel at the residence under one USDA and PA license, while John Mark has a kennel at the same address under different USDA and PA licenses. Some of John Mark’s dogs were in Ivan and Ana’s kennel building, including three West Highland Terriers (USDA 2.102(a)(3)-Holding facility).

Kennel designs
Ivan showed me one of the kennel buildings, located on the opposite side of the road as the residence. The kennel building had two rows of elevated cages on each of its longer sides. The outdoor cages were constructed of wooden frames and coated wire. Rubber matting was used for floorings. Six cages were on each side of the building, containing either a litter of puppies or one to three dogs.

Cleaning/health violations
Several violations were evident at the kennel. One cage held four Weimaraner puppies about six weeks old. The outside rubber flooring had dried feces encrusted on its surfaces, especially inside the holes of the flooring for debris to fall through (PA Dog Law 21.29(b)-Sanitation) (USDA 3.11(a)-Cleaning of Primary Enclosures).

Two different outside cages, each holding a Weimaraner breeder, had large piles of feces on their floorings that appeared to be several days of accumulation (PA Dog Law 21.29(a)-Sanitation) (USDA 3.11(a)-Cleaning of Primary Enclosures). Another cage held three West Highland Terriers with mats in their fur; one dog had a clump of dried feces encrusted to its hindquarters (PA Dog Law 21.30-Condition of dog) (USDA 2.40-Vet care). Feces was smashed into the kennel flooring of the Westie cage in numerous areas, clogging up a lot of the holes in the flooring for debris to fall through (PA Dog Law 21.29(b)-Sanitation) (USDA 3.11(a)-Cleaning of Primary Enclosures).

Ivan told me that his son John Mark owned the Westies.

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