Wishbone Makes Progress

Wishbone, the Jack Russell terrier mix we rescued from Pollywood Pets, is making great progress.

He has been working with Vladae Roytapel, the Russian dog training wizard, owner of Alternative Canine Training. Karen, who is with ACT, walked Wishbone in areas with people, such as small downtowns, to help him overcome his timidity and fear of humans.

Wishbone has been taking Return To Joy, a flower essence made by Analfora. Here is a paragraph about Return to Joy from the Anaflora website, www.anaflora.com:

In particular, if it is known that the animal has been in an abusive situation or has suffered deprivation of love or affection, it is best to start with the Return to Joy Formula to restore balance to the emotional body before addressing other issues.

I also recommended that Analfora’s Emotional Balance and Healing Spray be used for him and Casey, the Cavalier King Charles mix, who is also taking Return to Joy. It can be sprayed on their beds, on their bodies and in their living environments.

Here is some information on the spray:

Emotional Balancing & Healing Spray for Animals contains the ingredients found in Anaflora’s Return To Joy and Recovery Formulas plus a few extras and healing water from sacred sites around the world. These essences are combined into one easy to use spray formula for cuts, abrasions, rashes, injuries and emotional upsets of all kinds.

I will be consulting with Sharon Callahan, the creator of the Analfora essences, so that she can develop custom essences for Wishbone and Casey.

Wishbone still has recurring Urinary Tract Infections, which we plan to treat holistically.

Jennifer Trombley, who owns Gentle Paws in Madison Heights, MI, is providing massages to Wishbone, which he really enjoys.  She plans to use flower essences, as well.  I suggested to Jennifer that Casey also get massages. He had his luxating patella repaired but still walks and runs with a limp.

Wishbone has left the Pet Ritz and is now being fostered by Marie Skladd, who rescued him from Pollywood Pets. Marie is the founder of Michigan Animal Adoption Network (MAAN). Wishbone just adores Marie, and I think he wants to be a permanent member of her family!

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