Update on Wishbone and Casey

Wishbone, the Jack Russell mix, and Casey, the Cavalier King Charles mix, are learning to be dogs.

The dogs we rescued from Pollywood Pets on December 15 have been staying at the Pet Ritz Lakeshore Resort in Roseville, MI. www.petritzlakeshoreresort.com

This is how the Pet Ritz describes its facilities:

Picture the finest hotel, restaurant and workout facility. Now picture that same quality for America’s pets. That is the level of sophistication and style that pets and their owners will encounter at Pet Ritz Lakeshore Resort.

Wishbone and Casey went from a small, cramped weekend pet shop, where they lived almost their entire lives of 18 months and one year respectively in small, stacked cages on wheels, to a comfortable dog hotel and daycare center.

The dogs have been learning to socialize and play with other dogs. At first, they didn’t even know how to get along with each other, let alone other dogs. They have grown rather attached to one another.

It has been easier for Casey, who is outgoing and has lots of energy. Wishbone is still timid. He is going to stay and work with Vladae Roytapel, the well-known behaviorist for a couple of weeks. www.vladae.com. Vladae seems to believe that Wishbone was abused. We are not certain why Wishbone is so timid. Perhaps it is because he lived in a small, shaky cage for 18 months. Or maybe it was because other dogs were aggressive toward him, as evidenced by the bad bite on his ear that required surgery.

More than 50 people have called The Pet Ritz to inquire about the dogs. They want to know what they can do to help. Please join the CAPS online community so we can send you updates and action alerts about the dogs and Pollywood Pets. CAPS thanks all of you for your concerns and offers to help.

Thanks again to VCA in Allen Park, MI for donating more than $4,000 in veterinary care and to Pets Plus for providing free supplies.

I will be visiting the Detroit area next weekend and plan to spend time with Wishbone and Casey. I hope to watch Vladae work with Wishbone. Keep checking my blog for more updates.

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  1. mskladd says:

    It’s been almost a month since Casey (Cavalier King Charles mix) and Wishbone (Jack Russell Terrier mix) left their almost two year quarters at the Pollywood Pet Store located at the Gibralter Trade Center in Mt. Clemens, MI.

    Thanks to Deborah Howard, President of CAPS (Companion Animal Protection Society) and Steve Neavling, Detroit Free Press Reporter who contacted the Michigan Animal Adoption Network regarding two dogs living in extremely poor conditions at the Pollywood Pet Store in Mt. Clemens, MI.

    They had spent their entire lives in small cages with wire bottoms and little to no socialization with people or other animals. Thanks to Dr. Marj Field, Medical Director at the VCA Allen Park and her wonderful dedicated team both dogs began their road to becoming actual “dogs.”

    It has been truly heart warming to see them progress day by day at the Pet Ritz Hotel in Roseville. Honestly, I’m on the web cam several times each day! The dedicated staff at Pet Ritz monitors their progress and care 24/7. Anyone can view them by clicking onto http://www.petritz-lakeshore.com. They are side by side in Suite 3 or in the puppy play area.

    With everything Casey has gone thru in his little life it is amazing he has so much spirit. It was such a big day for him when we left the vet hospital; he fell asleep on my lap in his new suite. Priceless!!! Even with all of the medical procedures performed, he is always so willing and wanting to give you a million licks. Day by day he has had additional opportunities for puppy play time with the other dogs. He loves to play but will need a new home that will be able to walk him slowly over time in order to make is knee stronger.

    Wishbone has so many more socialization issues. He wags his tail non stop when you enter his suite but, is so leery of any touch. It almost seems painful to him until you spend quite a bit of time with him, and he understands you are not there to hurt him.

    Thanks to Vladae Roytapel, the Russian Dog Wizard and his team who will be stepping in to assist in his socialization process. We will monitor his progress to prepare him for a new permanent home. We are looking for someone who will give him the time he needs to actually understand what it will be like living in a home. We know there is a perfect home for him that will do so…we just need to find them and until then we will wait.

    We are so pleased to have been a part of changing their lives forever thanks to so many great people who have stepped up on their behalf. After everything we have organized for these two little furry faces…..when I close my eyes at night, I remember all of the other animals left to live at Pollywood Pets in severe conditions that may only speak to their lodging (barely) but not to their socialization and medical needs. It makes no sense.

    Both dogs should be placed up for adoption within the next month or so. Anyone interested in a Meet ‘N Greet with them can contact the Pet Ritz Lakeshore hotel to schedule: http://www.petritzlakeshore.com

    The adoption process will be facilitated by the Michigan Animal Adoption Network.

  2. randyturner says:

    What a great story! Thanks to Deborah Howard and CAPS, Wishbone and Casey hit the jackpot and are finally living the kind of life they deserve. Their experience is a poignant reminder of how important it is that we all continue to support CAPS. There are thousands of other Wishbones and Caseys out there that need rescuing and countless puppy mills that need to be shut down. Keep up the great work CAPS.

  3. GoVegan says:

    Thanks to you Deborah, Companion Animal Protection Society is one of the most effective organizations out there!

    Keep up the great work!

    For the Animals,
    Elizabeth Petroff
    Outreach Coordinator
    Mercy For Animals

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