The Joy of Fostering

Actress and writer Carole Raphaelle Davis wrote an informative article for about the joy of fostering a companion animal.

Check out the article on fetchdog:

I couldn’t agree more with Carole that fostering an animal is a rewarding experience. CAPS rescues puppy mill dogs and typically places them with rescue organizations in the Midwest. A large number of these dogs need extensive veterinary care, socialization, training and behavioral work. Good foster homes, therefore, are imperative

There is nothing more heartwarming than seeing these dogs finally find their forever homes. I have interviewed and spoken to some of the families who adopted the dogs we rescued and love to hear the stories about how these dogs have adapted so well to life outside a puppy mill

For more information on Carole Raphaelle Davis, check out her very informative blog at

I also highly recommend The Diary of Jinky, Dog of a Hollywood Wife, which was "written" by Carole’s dog Jinky, whom she rescued from death row of a shelter.

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