As her loyal fans know, CAPS Spokesmodel Beatrice has had difficulty seeing over the last few years. So, when she heard that the chance to educate others about dogs with vision problems was available, she asked her CAPS family to do just that. Continue reading

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Meet Oliver, the newest addition to the Howard household. The two-year-old cattle mix joined CAPS President Deborah Howard, his canine siblings Spencer, Wylie, and CAPS Spokesmodel Beatrice, and his feline siblings Jack and Miles on April 13. His story begins, believe it or not, with an image posted by Spalding County Animal Shelter volunteer Suzy Bailey on Facebook urging the online community to adopt a sweet-looking boy named Bard before March 29. It was love at first sight. Continue reading

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Today we celebrate Earth Day, 24 hours out of an entire year dedicated to that beautiful planet we call home. We all know by now that our decisions play a key role on the environment’s health. If you changed your light bulbs, switched to organic food, came home with a compost heap, commuted, and rode your bike to work, rest assured there’s more you can do. Just like humans have a carbon footprint, animals have a carbon paw print. Read on to learn about the many ways you can help nature and your yapping best friend by making wiser, if not healthier choices: Continue reading

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Carmen on vacation
Carmen, the CAPS canine columnist (Ask Carmen), was rescued off the streets of Puerto Rico by CAPS in 1996.  She had severe mange and was underweight. Deborah Howard’s then husband, Tom, photographed her during a trip and several months later, thanks to multiple arrangements with Nilsa Diaz from Ciudadanos Pro Animales de Aguadilla, rescued her and took the feisty sata (Spanish word for street dog) back to the states. Her arrival made headlines after a press conference that addressed the plight of homeless dogs in the tropical island.

During her happy days next to her human family, Carmen enjoyed sunbathing, warm and sunny days, and spending her free time next to her adoptive father while he worked, read, watched TV, and slept. She went on to become a respected canine advice columnist who relied on a panel of experts (a la Ann Landers), including CAPS board member Dr. Don Allen.

Carmen passed away on March 21, 2011 at the age of 17. She will be missed.

For more information about the Save A Sato Foundation, a non-profit that rescues Puerto Rican street dogs and places them in no kill shelters on the mainland U.S., please visit their website at

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If you live in New England, you’ve probably noticed winter is no laughing matter. The roads get slippery, the cold freezes to the bone, heaters dry skin, blistery winds crack lips, and the salt on the sidewalks ruins jeans and shoes. Sure, the summer time heat is a pain in the you know where, but numb limbs and noses are equally annoying. We complain and complain about itchy sweaters and smelly scarves, but have you put any thought into dear, old Fido? Continue reading

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One of our favorite blogs, A Vegan Dog’s Life, recently  moved their website to .
We’ve previously posted some of their recipes and to celebrate the rocking new layout, we’re posting a new delish-looking dog treat how-to. We’re pretty sure your four-legged pals will be barking for more ;)

Don’t forget to bookmark the new address! Continue reading

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We’ve all seen it on TV: healthy-looking dogs, running, playing, and cuddling with their human counterparts after enjoying a wonderful meal of fresh cut meat prepared to perfection. How the tender slices of chicken turn into dry kibbles is still mind-boggling to me: but hey, who are we to question the professionals? If you find yourself agreeing with this comment, you’re in dire need of a reality check. If you love Fido as much as we love our companion animals, it’s time you start doing some research and checking out the ingredients printed on the smelly bag of dog or cat food stacked on aisle number 9.

Continue reading

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Trimming your cat’s nails can be a challenge if not a downright nightmare. It takes patience, composure, and a lot of love. If you thought the process was traumatizing for you, place yourself in Fifi’s paws. Not only is the fuzz ball yanked away from her (or his) favorite snoozing spot, but you’re rubbing off your icky, human smell and touching her precious legs! Invasion of privacy, anyone?

Yeah- it’s not easy. Yeah- you have the battle scars to prove it. The bottom line is: you still have to take out those nail clippers. Not only are you helping the furniture stay safe and sound but, if you have other pets and children running around the house, you can prevent scratches that can quickly become infected (how do you think cats tidy up their litter boxes? We assure you, it’s not with the scooper). Continue reading

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We love companion animals. They are more than just “pets:” they cuddle with us in the sofa, lend an ear during boring drives, accompany us on long walks, and keep us safe during the night. Sadly, a great number of dog and cat lovers are highly allergic to certain proteins found in pet dander, urine, and saliva. Regardless of the money spent on Benadryl, cleaning products, and vet visits, at the end of the day (sneezing or no sneezing included) our precious friends are always there to greet us with a happy face.

If living without a barking/meowing pal is NOT an option, follow these simple tips to reduce the sniffles and prohibit watery, itchy eyes from dampening the wag-a-tail, barks-for-free mood: Continue reading

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If you’re an avid CAPS blog reader, you should know how serious we are about kitty litter (if you missed out, here’s the entry!). By taking the scoop regularly and sifting thoroughly, you’ll keep your home stink free and your feline friend purring in approval. But what happens when the problem goes beyond the precious, confined space of “the box?” Take a deep breath (of fresh air, that is) and worry not! To every smelly problem, there’s a fresh, cleaning solution. Continue reading

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