Doggie Halloween Bash

On Wednesday  October 28, Boston’s Pawsh Dog Boutique held a Halloween Bash to die for. It was no surprise when characters like Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Batdog, Princess Thatcher, and Bea the Chef strutted in wagging their tails. According to the boutique’s website , the yapping party raised more than $300 for the Animal Rescue League of Boston . The best part, according to our four-legged secret source, was the costume contest. The judges had some tough choices to make amongst all the adorable contestants, but the votes were cast and the winners were fairly chosen.


(Click link for pictures)

First place went to Ruby the Chihuahua and Bubba the Bulldog, dressed as Jon and Kate from TLC’s Jon and Kate Plus 8 (attitude not included).

Second place went to Remi the Puggle, who sported sophisticated Chinese royalty attire.

Third place went to Princess Thatcher the Bulldog, turning heads in a fluffy, pink ball dress and hat.

The following are memorable moments captured by animal-lover Dietrich Falkenthal:

News Coverage (video):

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