Bea Wishes You a Happy New Year!

1521608_643402405724752_243974396_nHappy New Year, my dear fans! I’m so excited for 2014! The year already began with fantastic news. Last week, I was part of an exciting photo shoot for the March 2014 issue of South Shore Living magazine.

Even though Mother keeps correcting me and saying she’s the one who was named one of the 10 most influential women on the South Shore of Boston (and not I), I’m the one who impressed the photographer with my modeling expertise (NOT the Bratty Brothers). Regardless of whose face will wow magazine readers in the spring, we’re off to a good start! I am mailing Ellen DeGeneres a copy and updating her on all the ads and media coverage CAPS and I have been getting. I’m hoping she’ll finally invite me as a guest to her show, so I can continue educating audiences nationwide about the horrors taking place in pet shops and puppy mills.

My work for CAPS never ends. I’ve been in magazine ads, commuter train ads,  and on billboards. I’m starring in a PSA that ran on five PBS stations, Animal Planet in New York City, and is currently showing on Food Network, Travel Channel, Cooking Channel, HGTV, Logo, Cloo, and Universal HD. NBC (Channel 7) in Boston and New England Cable Network (NECN) may be airing the PSA soon. Numerous newspapers (most recently, “The Boston Globe” Sunday issue, for the second time), magazine articles, and online publications have featured me, the models, and CAPS. Mother was a “Hero Among Us” on, but of course, I was in the photos and given a big mention in the article. My biggest wish is that CAPS’ pawmazing “Models Against Pet Shops and Puppy Mills” campaign continues getting the attention it deserves. Please help ensure my goals come true by sharing CAPS’ PSA “This is the Face of a Puppy Mill Dog” and donating to our cause. After all, we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for your support!

Let us now say farewell to a great 2013 and welcome another 365 days full of accomplishments and progress. Here’s to 2014!

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