Bea’s Days of Summer

 It’s already October and I’m still stuck in MA. I was hoping I’d make it to Los Angeles and New York City by now, my pink planner full of TV interviews and fundraisers, but alas I’ve had to make many sacrifices to help Mother with CAPS (creating awareness about puppy mills will always be my main goal in life). Regardless of my current living situation (I share my headquarters with two bratty, canine brothers who want to hog all of the attention), my summer vacation wasn’t boring either. There’s never a dull moment in the Howard household!

Back in July, Mother and I organized a very classy cocktail party to educate and raise awareness about pet shops and puppy mills. The amazing people at Fresh on Newbury Street, Boston helped us by allowing us to hold our event at their très chic beauty store. After weeks of advertising the party online and leaving invitations at most of the businesses and hotels in the area, not many people showed up. I was heart broken! It took days to get out of my funk. Mother reminded me of the pawsome people we met, including Daniel and Connor of K-9 strolls and CAPS member Linda and her two rescue dogs. I’m still a bit shocked my presence didn’t attract a larger number of adoring fans, but I keep the sadness away by reminding myself that not many dogs hold cocktail parties in Boston, MA! Not being one to be deterred, I’m hosting Canines and Cocktails, a party for dogs and their humans, at Willow Salon, Spa & Shoppe in Cohasset, MA in December.

Just when I thought things were getting dull in August, Mother and I experienced a terrible scare! There was a coyote in my neighbors’ yard *gasp*! By the time the neighbor warned Mother, the coyote was headed my way, jumping into our yard and hiding behind brambles and overgrowth in the corner, where Mother was furiously trying to find me in the dark. The coyote must have been scared by the yelling of three women because Mother didn’t even know he was that close until the neighbor told her later. Being the smart girl I am, I left the corner and started walking toward the gate at the front of the yard. Mother, despite her bad neck, had to carry me uphill and open the gate with one hand. Thankfully, another neighbor helped get me back into the house. In spite of my trim figure, I wreaked havoc on Mother’s whiplash! To my dismay, the coyote was spotted later on carrying a cat in its mouth. The memory still brings nightmares, and you know how I love to sleep. I was so scared! All I can say is please, please, please keep your cats indoors and watch your dogs while outdoors, even if it’s your own yard! Mother and I were glad Wylie was inside during the drama fest- he could’ve gotten hurt by playing the brave pup. I may have to begrudgingly give some credit to my brother Spencer, who was outside with me at the time. He’s 60 lbs and very fit, so maybe he deterred the coyote from hurting me. Mother yelled at him to go back to the house and the poor guy was waiting by the back door while Mother was rescuing me. Our lawn guy has cleared away most of the overgrowth so we can see along the fence now.

Regardless of the low turnout for the CAPS cocktail party and the nightmare-inducing coyote story, I’ve enjoyed my summer days. I got to see my fantastic friends at Sterling Impression for my physical therapy and met cute Tim, one of their newest team members a few weeks ago. Also, Mother’s dear friend, whom I call Aunt Mary (I have lots of Aunts), is scouting billboards near the Warner Brothers’ headquarters in California so Ellen DeGeneres and her producers will see my beautiful face posing next to my model friend Kiley. If they won’t pay attention to me, I’ll MAKE them pay attention! That’s one of the many life mottos I live by, just in case you were wondering. Mother also took my bratty brothers and me to the beach on lazy, warm days and allowed me to nap in the backyard flower garden she grew just for me! Have you ever fallen asleep while someone else works the rich soil and plants deliciously scented flowers? It’s an amazing experience, especially when you’re not the one getting dirty and sweaty! I gave moral support to the Extreme Landscapers,11-year old brother and sister, who weeded the garden. They have a rescue dog and just lavished me with love and attention!

My biggest achievement this summer was getting 1,000 signatures on my “Make Bea a Celebrity” petition. We need 5,000 by December 2012, but I was so happy when Mother told me the news, my tail did the helicopter wag for hours! All this hard work is paying off, and hopefully, with the help of my adoring fans, I’ll be able to make it to Hollywood and talk to Ellen DeGeneres about puppy mills, pet shops, the Models Against Pet Shops and Puppy Mills campaign and the amazing work the people behind CAPS do to educate people and put a stop to the suffering that takes place DAILY in commercial breeding facilities.

Until next time!

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