Beatrice wants a BooBooLoon

A couple of months ago, my canine brother Spencer underwent surgery to remove a mast cell tumor, which had the potential to become cancerous. I was worried and all (even though he’s bratty and annoying), but he recuperated in no time and I was back again to being the center of attention in the Howard household.

Spencer wearing his BooBooLoon incorrectly

While Mr. Big Baby was recuperating, Mother bought him a pawsome device at the vet’s office called a BooBooLoon so Spencer would stop licking his stitches (helloooo! everybody knows you shouldn’t lick those! yuck!). Not only did it burst, but we recently found out Spencer wasn’t even wearing it properly! The shame (I’d gasp if I could)! Turns out, the collar was being overinflated to look like a life-saving device and attached incorrectly (the velcro wouldn’t mesh together because it was overinflated). If I were more famous, this would’ve hit headlines in the tabloids and I would’ve had to move to Alaska to hide from the paparazzi. The horror! I don’t even own a pair of basset friendly sunglasses!

Despite the shocking revelation and embarrassing picture to prove it, Boobooloon is a woof-inspiring invention. The idea for the Protective Petwear inflatable humane collar came into existence when a concerned dog parent, Marcy Conangelo, noticed her boxer licking stitches (again with the licking!). Unhappy with the unflattering Elizabethan style cone and other uncomfortable inflatable collars, she decided to use neck pillows and safety pins- and, voilá, the BooBooLoon was born! Now dogs don’t need to look like moving, hairy lamps while cowering under the shame of “the cone,” as many of us name the fear-inducing accessory! Plus, it’s comfy and plushy- and everybody knows I LOVE anything that’s comfy and plushy ;)

I’ve already convinced Mother to get a Boobooloon next time one of my siblings needs to stop *gag* licking stitches. I also made her look at the website so she’d learn how to properly inflate the collar (you should too!). I’m also going to tell Tufts Vet Hospital, where Jack and I are going on Friday, about the Boobooloon. Hmm… maybe I can convince them to sell pink inflatable collars! With all my health issues, I need to be prepared. I feel better already knowing this product exists.

Until next time!

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