Happy Mother’s Day!

I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for amazing mothers.

Grace, my biological mother, brought me to this world 9 years ago. My first home was a horrible puppy mill where Grace, my grandmother Millie (may she rest in peace), and I were treated as breeding machines. I almost didn’t make it out of there because I wasn’t fit to live due to my deformed elbows. Who would want a damaged product? Despite the harsh treatment from the breeders, mom was always there for me, giving me love and showing me faith. Thank you, Grace, for teaching me how to be a survivor. I’m happy that, like me, you found your forever home with the Whitaker family in Kansas. Happy Mother’s Day, Grace!

I hadn’t met a lot of nice humans during the first months of my life. When I finally left the puppy mill, I moved in with the Bly family for the following eight months. I had many health issues and setbacks, but my foster mother, Chris, had hope I’d find the happiness I deserved. The Kansas-based Mid-America Basset Rescue was my temporary home during a crucial time and I thank them for the love and support they provided. Happy Mother’s Day, Chris!

I found my forever home with CAPS President Deborah Howard shortly after I left my foster family. Besides working hard to shut down puppy mills and teach the public about the terrible conditions in these commercial breeding facilities, Mother works even harder to give her kids (human, feline, and canine alike) a loving and nurturing home. She’s been there for me through countless veterinary offices and physical therapy sessions, rooting for my wellbeing despite the long list of health issues. She’s helped me fulfill my dream of being famous by making me CAPS’ spokesmodel. Who else but a loving mother would hand out my business cards and call television show producers to keep a girl like me happy? The answer is simple: Deborah Howard. Thank you, Mother, for all you do and Happy Mother’s Day!

I would also like to wish a wonderful and blessed day to all the amazing moms helping CAPS fight puppy mills and spreading the word to make me a celebrity. I wouldn’t be where I am today without women like you! Happy Mother’s Day!

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