Models Against Pet Shops and Puppy Mills

This is the Face of a Puppy Mill Dog from CAPS on Vimeo

Woof! My “Models against Pet Shops and Puppy Mills” campaign pictures and videos are finally out! I’m ready to let inevitable fame pamper me with attention. It’s about time! Watch out, world! Here comes Bea!

Ever since last summer, I’ve been working many hours assisting Mother with CAPS. I spent long days working on my numerous social media sites – okay, so I took a few naps from time to time – on my laptop or pink Blackberry next to my favorite human, CAPS President Deborah Howard, waiting for the moment when all our hard work would pay off.

I’m used to being the center of attention at CAPS, but I had to make some sacrifices. I’ll be getting my fair share of belly rubs soon enough! I mean, have you seen how cute I look next to Hope’s Angel’s models Kiley and Nina? My cuteness alone should make headlines, bringing donations and funding from all over the USA.

Where would CAPS be without me? We need help more than ever before, especially to fund investigations that’ll put a spotlight on puppy mills, such as the horrible South Dakota breeding facility from which CAPS investigators rescued Grandma Millie, Mama Grace and me!

Fame is so close, I can feel it. I can see myself sitting next to Ellen DeGeneres, discussing my amazing looks and social media prowess, making fun of my bratty brothers and most of all, urging people to support CAPS. Before I know it, I’ll be showing Rachel Ray and Martha Stewart how to bake “Bea’s Biscuits,” and their TV shows, websites and magazines will feature CAPS, the models and best of all, me!

I can feel the warm sunshine on my flawless coat as I sunbathe on private beaches in Sarasota, the Hamptons, Newport Beach, and on Cape Cod and even the French Riviera after being invited by a few of my many animal-loving celebrity friends. I can taste the delicious Vegan treats arriving in pink, heart-shaped boxes to my doorstep from fans all over the world. Until all that becomes reality, I’m fine with enjoying the first days of Spring. What better time than now? After the short winter days, flowers bloom as if saying: “Here’s to new beginnings!” I couldn’t agree more.

Its already great being me, and it’s going to get even better! Fans, please don’t waste anymore time in helping me and CAPS become famous. Check out the pawsome Models Against Pet Shops and Puppy Mills page and prepare to be amazed!

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One Response to Models Against Pet Shops and Puppy Mills

  1. John Garcia says:

    Beatrice, Joey,CT Coalition Against Puppy Mills and I are your biggest fans, You Go Girl…

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