Bea the Birthday Girl

They say a girl never reveals her true age. I say: why not? I’m a 9-year-old spokesmodel with a gorgeous, trim figure (no droopy Basset tummy on me!) working on an ad campaign with fans all over the United States, Ireland and even France. Other 9-year-olds wish they looked this good! If Cindy Crawford doesn’t hide her age, why should I?

My birthday was a pretty simple event. I would’ve loved inviting a crowd, toasting to another year while sipping non-alcoholic pink champagne and savoring vegan cuisine served in silver trays, but I suppose my extravagant birthday can wait another year. I was too busy doing CAPS work and helping Mother with her hectic life.

Since I’m such a good girl, Mother took me and my canine brothers Spencer and Wylie (*sigh, I didn’t invite them, but I was feeling charitable) to the Pawsmopolitan boutique to celebrate my pawsomeness by picking out a cake, treats, and presents. I chose a new collar that looks amazing on me! Mother picked out sweet potato fries but said I had to share them with my bratty brothers (not fair!). The owner was so impressed with us (mostly with me), that she let us hang around off leash and said we are welcome any time. I’m a lady! Of course I behave!

Afterwards, we went to Sterling Impression for my therapy. It was so much fun! They organized a posh, little party just for me! Mother didn’t know they were planning to celebrate before therapy (she was in the car on a business call; what else is new?), but I enjoyed every single second. I didn’t even mind the cheesy hat or the noisy party blowers! I then had to work out (keeping this body in shape is no joke), but it was worth it because after my therapy, I got my cake and presents! Mother, who has a great voice (my Nonna was an opera singer) sang Happy Birthday to me. I was very happy, regardless of the lame party hat (the boys looked really silly wearing them!). I would’ve preferred a crown made out of pink Swarovsky crystals, but beggars can’t be choosers.

I’ve decided to make the whole month of January my birthday month. My biggest wish is to get more Facebook fans and Twitter followers! That would be a pawsome birthday gift. If Mother could make vegan treats just for moi for the next week, I’d be super happy! Fans and treats- that’s all this gal is asking for!

Until next time!

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2 Responses to Bea the Birthday Girl

  1. stephanie says:

    Love the name “Bea’s Beat.”
    Thanks for sharing the tails of your B-day party, Bea !

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