Raw Strawberry Coconut Cream Pie

This is Mother’s favorite raw dessert. She has served it to non-vegans who rarely eat raw food, and they can’t get over how delicious this yummy pie tastes! I always help Mother by licking the coconut cream out of the food processor. Coconut oil is really good for you. The young coconut meat and water are delicious!

1/2 C Macadamia Nuts
1 C Almonds
1/2 C fine dried Coconut
2 T coconut oil
2 T Agave

Place macadamia and almonds in the food processor. Process until a coarse meal is achieved. Add the coconut oil, coconut and agave. Pulse until blended. Spread into an 8″ pie plate. The crust will be sticky so it helps to do this with wet hands. Refrigerate.
Chocolate Sauce:
1/2 C Cacao Powder
1/2 C Agave
1/4 C coconut oil (melted over warm water)
1 vanilla bean

Split Vanilla bean in half and with a table knife, scrape all the pulp out of the inside of the bean. Place the vanilla bean scrapings and and the rest of the ingredients into the vitamix. Blend for 2 minutes. Spread a layer (you will have quite a bit left over) on the bottom of the crust. Place in refrigerator to set.

2 C Cashews, soaked for 6 hours
1 C coconut meat (from young coconut)
1 vanilla bean
1/4 C Coconut Oil
1/4 C Water from Young Coconut
2 C Sliced Strawberries
Flaked dried Coconut

Split the young coconut and reserve 1/4 c. water. Scrape out the filling. Combine all ingredients in vitamix. Process until smooth. Place filling in bowl and stir in sliced strawberries. Pile filling into chocolate lined crust, top with flaked coconut and refrigerate until set.

For more delicious raw dessert and other raw food recipes, visit www.rawmazing.com. It is Mother’s favorite raw food recipe sites.

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