Nonna’s Spaghetti Sauce

My Nonna taught this recipe to Mother, who used to make sauce every Sunday. Nonna learned about frying the paste from her Sicilian boyfriend’s mother. Mother uses this yummy sauce for pasta, homemade vegan pizza, lasagna, manicotti and stuffed shells.

2 small cans or jars of tomato paste (Mother uses Bionatura organic)
1 large can or homemade tomato puree
½ of a large sweet onion or one leek
Bay leaf
Olive oil
¼ cup wine or sherry

Chop the onions well (or put in food processor if you want them really fine) and fry in olive oil until golden brown. Add paste and some water. You will be frying the paste; this is what gives the sauce a good taste. Keep adding water as necessary but not too much. After about 15 minutes, add the puree. Add fresh or dry garlic, oregano and basil to taste. Add one bay leaf. Add wine or sherry. Mother likes Chianti or dry sherry. If you want a sweeter sauce, use Lambrusco. Cook sauce for a couple of hours. Add water as necessary.

*Remember not to feed onions to dogs or cats

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