Bea on Being CAPS’ Spokesmodel

While Mother has been busy traveling around the East Coast searching for funding to support CAPS and doing media work, I’ve been working hard on becoming a celebrity. I love getting all the attention from adoring fans, but I want more! It’s not that I’m spoiled (okay, maybe I am a little bit). I come from a puppy mill, a far cry from a glamorous beginning. Thankfully, Mother has done everything possible for me to get the love and support I rightfully deserve. It’s time for me to help CAPS- who would deny such a pretty girl like me (have you seen my ears?!)?

Beatrice and Kiley Wirtz Jennings

Ever since late September, I’ve decided that being CAPS’ spokesmodel is my calling- I’m a natural! I even get admired in airports while waiting for planes (good thing Mother keeps those business cards at hand!). I’ve had some experience posing for the cameras, but last month in Dallas I had the opportunity to show off my unique beauty with a fabulous group of models, make-up artists, clothing stylists, a photographer, and a videographer who call themselves Hope’s Angels (check their Facebook page; they got the idea after doing our photo and video shoot). I can’t wait for the world to see the Models Against Pet Shops and Puppy Mills ad- I’m pretty sure I won’t need any retouching! Not only did I get to strut my lovely tail, but I participated in a project that will surely raise awareness about commercial breeding facilities. I am deeply grateful to Kiley Wirtz Jennings, the beautiful and talented woman who made this all possible.

Now I’m home, itching for more work and adoring fans. I can’t believe I didn’t get to go with Mother to NYC and Atlanta- she keeps posting status updates with detailed descriptions of the wonderful Vegan dishes I’m missing out on. How rude! That doesn’t mean I’m not busy though. I have my own Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn accounts. I also have a personal email. I’m a bit flabbergasted that I haven’t amassed thousands of followers, but I’m sure the smart people reading this will help spread the word *wink wink. I’m also considering sending Apple a design idea for a dog-friendly computer and iPhone app- I’ve begged Mother for my own phone, but she thinks I’m just being cute. Maybe an iPad will do? Reaching stardom without opposable thumbs is hard! It’s even harder when you have two canine siblings trying to steal the spotlight and interfering with your beauty sleep. Boys! At least my feline brothers Miles and Jack like curling up with me and listening to my rants. Maybe I was a cat in another life?

Soon it won’t matter- I’ll have my own condo in California with a nice ocean view and my own assistant (Verónica will do!) waiting by the door with a huge bag of tasty, Vegan treats from Three Dog Bakery. If that’s too much to ask for, I can always look forward to Sterling Impression and my rehab work. I love getting soothing massages with Dr. Cheryl and Kathy, swimming with Nina or Kevin and being pampered by Kevin with the Jon Paul Oatmeal Shampoo, Conditioner, and Grooming Spray. A busy girl NEEDS her spa treatments!

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