My Puppy Days: Cell Phones, Shoes and a Pink Lace Bra

I came to live with my mother when I was just shy of a year old (my birthday is January 5, so be sure to mark that on your calendar).  The CAPS investigators rescued me when I was just 4 months old, and I went to live at a Basset Rescue foster home with many other Basset Hounds.  The foster dad was a truck driver and he drove me from Kansas to Colorado just before Christmas.   The first few weeks with my mother, I was very sick with mycoplasma pneumonia.  But I rebounded quickly, and that was when I discovered that I was still a puppy.

I discovered how fun it was to steal possessions and chew on them.  Cell phones looked like a lot of fun.  They were shiny and humans were talking loudly into them.  I wondered why dogs didn’t use them.  Couldn’t I call one of my many friends (as you all know, I am quite popular), my dog mother Grace or dog grandmother Millie? One day, as luck would have it, my mother left her cell phone on top of the table after a run (she takes her phone with her in case she has an accident; being a trail runner she trips and falls a lot – oh well, running doesn’t concern me since I try to exercise as little as possible).  When the coast was clear, I quickly jumped on the table and grabbed the phone.  I ran outside behind the deck where I sunned myself.  No matter what I tried, I couldn’t get the phone to work.  First of all, how did my mother flip the phone open?  I chewed on the sides of the phone, but that didn’t open it.  I heard my mother in the kitchen asking if anyone had seen her phone, so I decided to leave the phone behind the deck and try to make it work later.

The next day, my mother found her phone.  She wasn’t very happy with me, especially because the phone was not working correctly (See! I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t get that darn phone to work), and she had to take it to the Verizon store where there were long waits.  The Verizon employee commented on the well-placed bite marks on the phone.  Somehow dog drool had entered some of the buttons and keys (now how would that happen?).  Luckily, my mother had a warranty on the phone (phew!)

After the phone, I moved on to shoes.  Now what girl can resist shoes?  My mother’s shoes looked a bit large for my feet, but my human sister Ashley and her best friend Nicole had some nice looking shoes that looked more my size.  Shoes were easy to obtain.  There were shoes by the front door and in Ashley’s bedroom.  I chose the quicker job and went for the shoes by the door.  I grabbed a shoe and took it to my favorite place behind the deck.  Then one at a time, I took several more shoes outside.  I couldn’t figure out how to put them on, but I discovered that they were very chewable.  Yum!  Soon enough, Ashley and Nicole were looking for their shoes.  They looked all over the house.  Finally my mother thought to look in my secret hiding place, where she discovered my shoe collection (so disappointing because I was just getting started).  Ashley, who gets impatient with me, was very upset with me for chewing her shoes.  Easygoing Nicole wasn’t as upset.  My mother took Ashley and Nicole to Payless to replace their shoes and said something to me about getting a job to pay her back.

But the best item I have ever taken was my mother’s pink lace bra.  My mother loves pink.  I love pink.  And what could be better than pink and lace together?  I just couldn’t resist.  I just had to have that beautiful bra.  This particular heist took a bit more work and deception.  I had to work very quickly.  The bra was on the bed.  My mother was out running with my canine brothers, who always seem to need exercise.  I grabbed the bra and ran (okay, walked quickly) down the stairs and out the dog door to my hiding place behind the deck.  The bra was bubblegum pink colored.  It looked very tasty.  I couldn’t stop myself from taking a few bites.  Shortly thereafter, my mother arrived home and started looking everywhere for her bra.  I started to feel rather bad because it was one of her favorite bras.  Finally, she remembered to look in my secret hiding place.  When she saw that I had chewed it, she voiced her displeasure.  Then she realized there wasn’t much damage, and that she could repair it with a few stitches.  She laughed about me liking pink (I was partial to her pink slippers, too) and bras and commented on how I am such a girl (Thanks Mother!  That is quite a compliment!)

I soon outgrew my chewing days and moved on to counter cruising and table surfing – much tastier and far messier!  Messy and tasty = fun!  I already wrote a blog about my table surfing, so I guess I have to write about my counter cruising experiences (I am quite an expert).

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