The year 2015 didn’t start off as peacefully as I would’ve liked. Between my visits and the bratty brothers’ visits to the vet and all the planning for the upcoming Wine & Dine for Charity dinner at Red Lentil (learn more here), we’ve been very, very busy. I wasn’t even able to celebrate my 12th birthday! Since January is technically Bea’s month, I’m okay with rescheduling. I do, however, deserve more home cooked meals (or at least a lot of delicious dish cleaning). Mother found the perfect recipe for vegan raw lasagna from Radical Eats and I can’t wait until she takes out the apron and prepares this culinary masterpiece. The modern version of the Italian dish has cashew and pine nut cheese, fresh basil pesto, sun dried tomato sauce, zucchini, crook neck squash, and fresh organic heirloom tomatoes. I think this is a perfect way to relax and enjoy the beginning of what’s meant to be a fabulous year! Continue reading

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’Tis the season to be jolly (and hungry) and I want something sweet! Obviously, nothing says Christmas like gingerbread dessert. Mother found this pawmazing vegan recipe online and I’m already salivating at the thought of smelling this cake baking in the oven. I’d still love to see my pink, ballerina-themed Christmas tree sometime in the near future, but if I get to taste this heavenly holiday concoction with fresh raspberries and ground ginger, I might very well be the happiest girl in this planet. Enjoy! Continue reading

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I know we’re already past Thanksgiving, but Mother just sent me the most pawmazing recipe by e-mail and I couldn’t help myself! I totally had to share this with my fans even if we’re already halfway through December. What’s better than a good, creamy, vegan pumpkin pie? A raw vegan pumpkin spice “cheezcake!” You won’t use anything canned in this recipe, but you do need a food processor, blender, and dehydrator for this beauty. I think my favorite part is the walnut and almond crust- doesn’t that sound scrumptious? If you’re still a bit doubtful about a raw cheezcake, think about it this way: you get to eat dessert and feel good about it! Also, who doesn’t love pumpkin pie spice?! Continue reading

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601071_624484367616556_1866099833_nGet ready for another pawmazing, vegan Thanksgiving recipe! As you may already know by now, I LOVE November. Not only do I get to spend quality time with Mother, but I also get to try scrumptious food and clean delicious, dirty bowls. This year, Mother decided she’s going to the Red Lentil Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurant to celebrate the holiday in a stress-free (no cleaning or cooking) environment. I’m not very happy about this decision, but I know she’ll probably bring me countless bags of mouth-watering leftovers (check out their 6th Annual Vegan Harvest Dinner menu here). Since she’s been traveling a lot as of late and she won’t be cooking her famous vegan pumpkin pie, I think we all at least deserve one freshly baked dessert. I found a cruelty-free pecan pie recipe last week and I’m dying to try it (or at least help with clean up)! A little bit of FoMu vanilla ice cream wouldn’t hurt!
Note: This recipe is for my human fans only! Continue reading

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have a big secret that I want to share with you: I’m 11 years old and proud of it! My ears are silky, my body fit, and my attitude is that of a 3-year-old, but I came into this world in January 2003 and I’ve been kicking and screaming ever since. If you’re wondering how I do it, you can thank my vegan diet, relaxed lifestyle, frequent vet check-ups, and continuous physical therapy. In other words, I’m in shape and that makes all the difference! Continue reading

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Let’s celebrate! CAPS’ newest Public Service Announcement, “Adopt, Don’t Shop,” is currently airing on Sundance Channel, WCAU-TV in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh Cable News Channel, The National Geographic Channel, and National Geographic Wild Channel. The thought-provoking clip features Mother, also known as CAPS President Deborah Howard, urging viewers nationwide to save lives by adopting companion animals from shelters instead of supporting the cruel and inhumane pet shop – puppy mill cycle. The bratty brothers (Spencer, Wylie, and Oliver) and I also make an appearance in the 30-second PSA. In honor of all *OUR* hard work, I would like to share a delicious, vegan recipe with my pawmazing fans. The gooey, minty, chocolatey concoction is easy to bake and cruelty-free! Enjoy! Continue reading

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I’m very upset!
Mother left to NYC last Sunday and I had to stay behind with the
rambunctious, bratty brothers AGAIN. Just as I was ready to forgive
her, she started posting all sorts of pictures on her Instagram account
(@capsdog). Mother went to vegan restaurants (such as Peacefood Cafe),
ate delicious cruelty-free doughnuts at Dun-Well Doughnuts, walked by
beautiful houses on Riverside Dr, and stopped by Humphrey Bogart’s
childhood home at 245 103rd Street, NYC. Enough is enough! Next time
she goes on a business trip to the city, I’m coming along with my own
personal driver. I’ll stop at all the fashionable boutiques, demand
pictures with famous people, and eat heaps of vegan food at all the
trendy vegan restaurants Mother goes to. Until then, I’m expecting an
apology in the shape of baked goods. I found a mouthwatering recipe for
apple cider doughnuts on Vegetarian Times perfect for the upcoming fall
season. I expect to lick clean multiple bowls! Enjoy! Continue reading

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I love Greek cuisine! Mother saw this the other day on The Veg Life website and said she wanted to try it. Obviously, I volunteered as a professional vegan recipe taster. I haven’t posted a nice, savory dish in a while, so I’m really excited about sharing this cruelty-free spanakopita with my pawmazing fans. Just thinking of this beautiful, flaky, spinach pie is making me drool like the Basset I am! Enjoy! Continue reading

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photo (5)

Mother has been a very busy bee! I know being the president of a nonprofit like CAPS is time-consuming, but I really want some attention! The bratty brothers recently had an all boys party and I wasn’t invited. The nerve! To make things worse, Mother went to New York City and I had to stay behind with three rambunctious boys. *Sigh* My life is complicated! Continue reading

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Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 6.24.27 PMCAPS Spokesmodel Beatrice wants to be on the cover of Modern Dog magazine! Help her create awareness about the pet shop – puppy mill connection by voting for her EVERY DAY through July 2, 2014.

Beatrice was rescued in 2003 by the Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS) during an undercover investigation of a South Dakota puppy mill. These days, the 11-year-old Basset Hound is a tireless advocate on behalf of animals, especially those in pet shops and puppy mills.

A talented model who loves to be in front of the camera, Beatrice is a wonderful spokesmodel for CAPS. When she’s not enjoying the celebrity lifestyle, she’s blogging and updating her numerous social media accounts.

Click HERE to VOTE!

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