Basset Hounds Looking for Homes

You all know Beatrice, the sad-eyed beauty who was once rescued from a puppy mill by CAPS investigators and became a poster puppy for CAPS and the fight against the pet shop and puppy mill industry.  The congenial dog who wags her tail like a helicopter propeller won the hearts of many CAPS members and now, in her years of glory, has her own blog, Bea’s Beat , which she’s barking for you to visit ASAP.

Bea doesn’t want you to gawk at her stardom, though. This one of a kind lady is asking folks like you for help. There are other Basset Hounds searching for a forever home, promising great companions in return for a little love. They come from a place in NY state that is a haven for damsels like herself.

ABC Basset Rescue is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization from Upstate New York that rescues basset hounds and places them in safe and loving homes. As of November 1st, the hardworking people behind the organization have managed to rescue 85 dogs and place in homes 70 in 2009 alone. Since 2001, 506 barking pooches have been adopted. That alone earns Bea’s paw of approval.

According to their website , ABC Basset Rescue came into 34 dogs from puppy mills in Iowa and Missouri in November 2009. Many have been adopted, but some are still waiting for a family. Could your household be the one?

For more information, check out their site .

To fill an adoption application, fill out this form .

To make a donation, visit their donation site .

And finally, to learn about their journey, check out their insightful blog .

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